Housing: controversy in the Crous of Strasbourg after an advertisement published in X (ex-Twitter)

A painful evening on Sunday, November 5 for the community manager of account X (ex-Twitter) of the Strasbourg Crous. On the afternoon from Sunday to Monday, a publication promoting an offer of short-term stays “to take advantage of the Christmas market” and aimed at students provoked the reaction of many Internet users… until Crous withdrew and removed his post.

While students find it difficult to find accommodation, both in Strasbourg and elsewhere, the Crous offers an affordable opportunity to spend a few days at the Christmas market. In the brochure, available on the Crous de Strasbourg website, three residences to choose from, two in Strasbourg South and one in Strasbourg Centre, accessible from 33 euros, 37 or 38.50 euros depending on the residences.

The Crous of Strasbourg, which has 5,500 rooms, defends itself in a statement cited by France Bleu: “The Crous offers a range of accommodation in “short stay” university residences throughout France (…)”

A clumsy post, but an offer that Cnous promotes for scholarship students, “in internships, also doctoral students, who may have to travel” for short stays, David Martínez of Cnous tells us: “This type of offer exists for empty homes, and it is very structured. It can be interesting when you have to do a competition, for example! Priority is given to students, even if the offer is open to staff »

Regarding the clumsy aspect of the Christmas market promotion campaign, the Crous of Strasbourg decided to suppress it “in light of the negative comments observed on social networks.” Too late, criticism arose about the lack of space and students with difficulties did not stop telling about their difficulties.

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