Kindergartens: more than 400,000 places are missing in Germany, according to a study

According to a study published on Tuesday (November 28), more than 400,000 places are missing in German childcare centers to meet demand, a problem that requires immediate action.

The study, published by the Bertelsmann Foundation, reveals that there are 430,000 childcare places missing throughout the country and that it is necessary to take measures so that all families who wish to register their child can do so.

According to the authors of the study, if “remarkable progress” Although progress has been made in this area in recent years, demand for childcare services has continued to increase, as more and more parents want to return to work and care for their children before their birth.

Consequently, the State’s legal obligation to provide a childcare place for each child cannot be guaranteed.

The lack of places in daycare centers has an impact on another crisis affecting Germany: the shortage of qualified workers. In fact, the problems faced by parents who want to send their children to daycare could encourage more people to stay home longer after birth.

At the same time, the study concludes that a shortage of workers in the child care sector is contributing to the problem.

“The shortage of qualified workers makes it increasingly difficult to meet legal requirements and implement the educational mandate in daycares”Anette Stein, an expert at the Foundation for Early Childhood Education, said in a statement.

“The situation has become unbearable for the children and parents, as well as for the staff present”she added.

The study published on Tuesday highlights the urgent need to take action to combat this problem in order to achieve significant improvements between now and 2030.

The authors of the study especially call on Berlin to provide more financial support to Federated States (the Länder), which are responsible for education, to guarantee the necessary investments.

However, as the country faces the impact of a recent court ruling that left the government with a €60 billion budget hole, it is unclear whether greater investment in childcare services can be realistic.

(Edited by Anne-Sophie Gayet)

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