Parcoursup: new platform functions to improve student support

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The government platform Parcoursup, put online on Wednesday, December 20, is being renewed. Its first phase will allow students to learn about the different postgraduate training courses available.

In a few days, no less than 700,000 students will go to the Parcoursup platform. Created in 2018 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, it aims to collect the placement wishes of future higher education students. This year all these final year and reorientation students will connect to the platform, which will be put online on Wednesday December 20. Criticized many times, it has been improved, he assures this Sunday, in The Sunday newspaperthe Minister of Higher Education, Sylvie Retailleau.

However, no major upheavals are in sight. franceinfo, but adjustments are expected. This first phase of Parcoursup aims to inform students about the different training options possible after high school. Thus, additional details will appear in each information sheet, the minister specifies in Le JDDwhether in terms of selectivity, the profile of candidates selected in previous yearsthe dates of open days in establishments and universities or even the training dates when they are planned.

The rest under this announcement.

The rest under this announcement.

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It will be possible to create a profile from the second

However, there is something new: high school students will be able to create a Parcoursup profile since second grade. Thus, when they are in first grade, students will be able to more easily know the selection criteria for training and choose their specialties with full knowledge of the facts: “They will have access to a comparator to find out the content, the status of the training, the type of pressure, the tuition fees”specifies Sylvie Retailleau in Le JDD.

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Finally, on the spot itself, technical improvements will be brought. Smoother navigation is promised and students will also be able to favorite certain courses or the desired training, and use a “comparator” to notice every difference. This may have to do with the level of demand for training or related costs. Wishing to respond to the criticism, the Minister of Higher Education assures: “We are constantly improving the ergonomics of the platform to better help young people make their decisions.” It should be noted that after this first phase, students will be able to express their wishes from January 17 to March 14, before an admission phase from May 30 to July 12.

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