Apply for a place in daycare

Below are the steps to follow to request a place in a daycare center on the 10th.

Procedures at City Hall


You must contact, from 6my full month of pregnancy or the decision granting custody of the child with a view to adoption, in the Relais Informations Familles (RIF) of the City Council of 10my, open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. non-stop (late night on Thursday until 7:30 p.m.). With out PRIVIOUSE appointment.

Supporting documents to present (only originals are accepted):

  • Identity document of each of the two parents, or of the parent in the case of a single-parent family;

  • Proof of address: gas or electricity bill less than three months old, OR current payment schedule, OR valid home insurance certificate;

  • Proof of resources: parents’ last tax notice, OR last payslips, OR last certificate issued by the CAF (Family Allowances Fund);

Please note that if parental authority has been the subject of a court decision, it will be necessary to provide a copy of this decision.


Once your child is born, it is essential to present the birth certificate or, where applicable, a copy of the adoption decision, to Relais Informations Familles to confirm your registration in the nursery.

You can also send it by email to (ddct-ma10-kindergartens after after the @ sign) after after the @ sign).

Online procedures

As part of the facilities offered to Parisian users, a teleservice has been created that offers various functionalities.

Be careful, the passage to City Hall on 10th Streetmy district, with the requested supporting documents, remains mandatory to validate any registration request.

Thanks to the online service you will be able to:

Don’t forget to update your file every 6 months based on changes that have occurred in your situation, and cancel your request if you have found a reception method that satisfies you.

The commission for the allocation of places in the nursery

In addition to the policy of opening new reception structures, the Paris City Council has opted for transparency in the procedures for assigning places in daycare centers. These procedures were voted on by the City Council.


The commission for allocating daycare places is chaired by the mayor of 10my district, or its delegate in charge of Family and Early Childhood. It is made up of district councillors, the Maternal and Child Protection service (PMI) and the Paris Solidarity Space (EPS) service, as well as the territorial director and the directors of the municipal early childhood centres, who are joined by the directors of the associative daycare centers. an advisory capacity.

This Commission meets on average six times a year.

Place allocation criteria

Places available in the reception structures of 10my are reserved for district residentsdepending on the sectorization that is applied to municipal and associative daycare centers, and All files are studied without exception..

From the start of the 2023 school year, the allocation of daycare places is based on a rating system, more readable and more transparent. The principle is the following: each child, depending on her situation and that of her family, is assigned a number of points that determines her position on the admission list at the nursery school in her sector.

Depending on the availability in each center for the different age groups of children, the allocation of places by the Commission is carried out based on the qualification of the files, which is based on three main families of criteria: professional situation of parents, family income bracket and social and family situation.

This objective and transparent rating system allows:

  • better consideration of the specific situations of each family;

  • an improvement in the information transmitted to parents;

  • maintaining a necessary social balance in our nurseries.

Position allocation provisions

Anonymised results for each committee can be found online at this site, and each place allocation is communicated to parents by email and post.

  • In case of a positive response, parents must confirm, within ten days, the admission of their child to the address of the nursery in question. This can only be effective after the child is examined by the daycare doctor. In case of withdrawal or lack of response in a within 10 daysThe place is declared vacant and is offered to another family according to the scale that regulates the allocation of daycare places.

  • In case of non-attribution, the file is placed on a waiting list and represented in the next commission, provided that the file is updated every 6 months. Any application not confirmed for more than 6 months is considered outdated and will therefore not be re-examined by the committee.

The Early Childhood Guide in 10my

The Town Hall of 10my Every year it publishes a guide dedicated to early childhood. Designed to be a truly practical daily tool, it allows parents and future parents to see at a glance the specificities of the different fostering methods established in the 10myto discover the free activities offered by the City Council and its partners, as well as the different structures created to help families and support them on a daily basis.

The 2023-2024 edition of this Early Childhood Guide in the tenthmy district is available at the reception of the Town Hall, as well as for download through the following link.

Sources of information on all types of reception.

The “Early Childhood” section of the site

To help you choose between different daycare options and compare costs, visit the website

The advisors are there to answer all your questions.

A question ? You can contact the telephone advisors of the call center of the city of Paris at 3975, We are here to inform you.

The Town Hall of 10my is at your disposal:

  • by mail : (ddct-ma10-kindergartens after after the @ sign) after after the @ sign)

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