Student wins lawsuit against the city of Paris after renting her accommodation on Airbnb

In Paris, and in cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, the law is clear: it is prohibited to rent your main residence for more than 120 days a year on Airbnb. However, a young student has just won her case against the city of Paris, which sued her for illegally renting her main residence and demanded 20,000 euros.

The young woman rented her apartment for 253 nights in 2019 while she was doing an internship in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and 152 nights in 2020 during her studies in London. In her defense, he highlighted the professional nature of her absence, one of the reasons that allows him to rent her habitual residence more than the authorized limit.

To demonstrate her good faith and prove that the absences were temporary and temporary, the student had to present a series of documents such as her internship contract, her service contract, her rental contract in Amsterdam, but also her school certificate and her insurance. of residence in London. . The city will have to pay the student 2,000 euros to cover her legal expenses.

In the ruling, handed down on January 10 and published by Le Figaro, the Paris Court maintained the professional reason for its decision: “ Carrying out an internship must be assimilated to a professional reason, as it is part of a process of discovery and integration in a professional environment, whether or not it gives rise to remuneration. The pursuit of a degree can also be considered a professional reason as long as it is carried out during a specific and limited period. “.

A decision that must be made with caution by the lawyer for the concierge service through which the student went, Maître Demeuzoy. The lawyer specializing in Airbnb-type furniture rental law warns: “There may be a setback in jurisprudence, and in ensuring that the decision is final, there is always the risk that the appeal court will not agree with this first decision. It is necessary to ensure that the internship and the university curriculum coincide with the rentals, because in this case too there may be interpretation by the judge. »

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