From the beginning of the school year, students at the University of Montpellier will have the right to “menstrual leave”

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Starting in September, students at the Paul-Valéry-Montpellier-III University will be entitled to ten days of “menstrual leave” a year, in case of painful and unexplained periods. A device that is already delighting those interested.

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– Students will continue to struggle to obtain two or three days of leave a month.

“It’s not too soon, we’ve been asking for it for years”, rejoices Emma, ​​L1 student, at the microphone of France 3 Occitanie. Starting next school year, students who suffer painful periods You will have the right to days off without proof necessary, including exam days, thanks to the Combat Union of the University of Montpellier (SCUM). Excellent news for these young women who, until now, were penalized in cases of unjustified absence: loss of points in their average, a zero if they were not present for an exam, or even a loss of your scholarship if your absence was reported to CROUS.

So, when this new system was announced, the students could not help but rejoice. “Very often we are not taken seriously. They tell us that we are brats or that we are too lazy to go to the gym.”, laments Serena, an L1 student. And to continue: “Today, we are more recognized and more listened to !”

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Medical certificates difficult to obtain.

What delights students most is the certificate of end of mandatory absence. Because very often, and especially in these times when we are faced with medical deserts, it is not unusual to not be able to attend the doctor’s appointment to obtain a decision. Worse yet, very often, in the eyes of doctors, painful periods are not a valid reason be exempt from classes, except for women diagnosed with endometriosis. However, Victoria assures us: “Stand on a chair with the feeling that knives are being put in our stomach all day, it’s not possible. “No amount of sitting can relieve the pain.”

The rest under this announcement.

The rest under this announcement.

Happy to have won their case, the Montpellier University Combat Union has no intention of stopping there. While administrative adjustments are expected to be resolved next school year, students will continue negotiate two or three days off per monthensuring that “Painful periods don’t last just one day”

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