Kendall Jenner’s tequila arrives in Paris

Great tequila lover, Kendall Jenner launched her own brand in 2021. Named 818, is handmade in Jalisco, Mexico. Until now sold on the other side of the Atlantic, it will arrive in Paris in February. Just in time for Fashion Week, fans of the genre will now be able to order it at theHotel Bristol and restaurants gigi, old, Malro AND Mama Mia.

A tequila produced in Mexico by the Californian model

Kendall Jenner’s 818 TequilaNick Wiesner

Named after the zip code of the American model in Calabasas, California, the alcohol is available in three ranges: White (with notes of vanilla and fruit), Reposado (with notes of toasted caramel), Añejo (with herbaceous and orange notes) and Ocho Reserva (with notes of cinnamon). The only constant is that each of these three drinks is made from hand-harvested Weber blue agave. Asked about the arrival of his tequila on French soil, the top confided: “I am very happy that the 818 officially arrives in Paris. Such a beautiful city that I love so much. “I can’t wait to order it wherever I am in the capital.”
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