Where to buy (good) matcha in Paris?

Gourmet ground green tea from Japan, matcha has many benefits (its oxygenating effect, its beneficial action on hair shine, etc.). Promoted to the rank of superfood, today many people consume it daily. The opportunity to discover the best places to find them in Paris.


In the heart of a private mansion on Debelleyme Street, OGATA It brings together, on 4 floors, everything that good Japanese taste does best. lead by Ogata ShinichiroYou can find Fukuoka matcha packed with umami flavors downstairs or online.
The price: 24 euros
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Matcha No.1-31 by OGATA

coffee tones

Best known for its perfect origin coffee, coffee tones just introduced its own matcha. Sourced from Kyoto, it is available boxed or prepared by expert barisitas.
The price: 25 euros
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Matcha coffee shades


Whether a delicatessen or a Japanese-style canteen, a tea room and even a cocktail bar, iRASSHai opened its doors last fall, rue du Louvre in Paris. To discover it on site or order it online, matcha is one of the best sellers. In particular the Aoi Seicha brand, made from organic tea leaves from the Uji region in Japan.
The price: 21 euros
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