The apprenticeship training center (CFA): creation, operation, staff and apprentices

Situation and training of apprentices.

Apprentices have a status of young salaried worker in a company, under the responsibility of an apprentice master. They concluded a Work contract. They can be welcomed in public service.

Learning allows you prepare all professional and technological diplomas of national education :

  • certificate of professional competence (CAP)
  • professional qualifications (B.E.P.)
  • professional baccalaureate
  • senior technical certificate (bts)
  • Professional license
  • etc

The practical training of the apprentice is carried out mainly in the company, with the theoretical training given by the CFA. Depending on the diplomas prepared, the training time in CFA varies from 400 to 675 minimum hours per year. Therefore, training requires close coordination between the two places where the apprentice acquires professional skills.

Creating a CFA

The creation of apprentice training centers is the subject of agreements concluded between regional councils and partners such as :

  • chambers of commerce, trades or agriculture
  • public or private educational establishments under contract
  • the companies
  • associations
  • etc

The agreement that establishes CFA establishes organizational arrangements administrative, educational and financial:

  • the method of recruiting personnel
  • the number of trainees that can be accommodated
  • prepared diplomas
  • the recruiting area
  • training places
  • financing conditions

she institutes improvement tips.

The learning challenge is to offer initial training that corresponds to changes in the labor market.

Operation CFA

Organizations that manage CFA They are private organizations (associations, companies, etc.), chambers of commerce or commerce and industry and public organizations (high schools, etc.).

Each center is under the authority of a director, hired by the managing organization.

the improvement advice established with the director and the administrative body of the CFA Opinion is requested on issues relating to the organization and operation of the center.

Financing resources of a CFA They are essentially:

  • the learning tax collected is the main resource
  • the participation of the managing entity
  • subsidies from the State or the region if the creation agreement provides for financing

HE CFA are presented:

  • to state educational control
  • technical and financial control of the region

Personal of CFA

Members of the management, teaching and supervisory staff must meet qualification criteria established in the Labor Code and, in general, identical to those required to teach in public establishments of the same level.

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