These places reserved exclusively for women

That was the point of the film’s joyful beginning. lost illusions ofErnst Lubitsch. The director listed all the most glorious male armed feats, from the taming of wildlife in the jungle to the conquest of space, concluding however that there is still a place where man has no right to set foot or even look. .. The camera then turns to the room of the Immutable Lady.

The feminist alternative to gentlemen’s clubs

Taking the logic even further, a feminist movement made up of numerous creatives, yogis, practitioners, essayists, and other doulas are drawing the outlines of places of sisterhood accessible only to women. With the idea that, in certain circumstances, gender withdrawal is beneficial in an era tormented by recalcitrant patriarchal mandates. Absolute pioneer, Gertrude Jackson, a Cambridge intellectual, blazed the trail in London in the last century in response to its conspiratorial, cigar-mouthing British gentlemen’s clubs. He then founded The University Women’s Club, a space that still exists, where workshops, debates, political events, etc. are organized. The premises have meeting rooms, a restaurant and even lounges. Recently, Beth Greenacre (former curator of the collection David Bowie) wanted to create, in the London capital, The all brighta club opened in 2018, in the Bloomsbury district, where Virginia Woolf wrote about the importance of having your own room. Creatives and female artists meet there to exchange, create, dine or treat themselves to manicures and colors in the hotel’s beauty salon. She confesses: “Creative women today face even more challenges than men. She wanted to create a place where young artists could cross barriers without being judged.”

A need for freedom and solidarity that is also extending to France. In Paris, MONKEY It is a female community, where we also meet the author Morgane Ortinwho runs writing workshops, who Juliana Dorso, which exhibits his committed paintings highlighting the youth of Mayotte. His manifesto says: “The more we are, the stronger we will be. New projects will be supported every month. Mona is built with all of us.” A desire also to assert oneself and exist without danger. that we find in the process of Stencia, Sephora Mist AND Marian Benenge on the initiative of the hot single-sex evenings called P3. The last work took place on February 18 in Pamelagiving women the opportunity to dance and twerk, dressed however they want, without risk of inappropriate gestures or heavy looks.

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