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Originally from the Parisian music scene, Marvin Waxx is much more than just a DJ. Through the fusion of multiple musical universes, between hip hop, electro and even soul, he forges his own musical identity with a vision without borders. The emerging talent just released his first EP, “Musicology 1.1,” in which he pays tribute to the music that inspired him, while breathing new life into a never-ending journey.

Like many before him, Marvin Waxx took his first steps as a hip-hop DJ. As a teenager, he quickly fell in love with electronic music through Cassius and DJ Mehdi. These discoveries motivated him to open his musical spectrum, and buy his first analog mixer and his first sampler. It is in his room, with total discretion, where Marvin learns the trade of DJ. Only a few years later he began DJing in restaurants and party clubs in Paris, Europe and the Middle East. For the introverted Parisian DJ, music is a passion that sounds therapeutic. “Music allows me to free myself and delve deeper into the emotion I want to transcribe. “, he explains. Resident DJ at the Restaurant Club le Matignon for 10 years, today Marvin Waxx performs regularly in Verde, in the 8th arrondissement, on Radio FG, but also in exclusive and deliciously festive places.

Mavin Waxx, the emerging talent of the Parisian electro scene.

If Marvin Waxx is a passionate DJ, what he wants above all is to create his own music. A dream that he will realize in 2024 with the release of his first EP, “Musicology 1.1”. First EP of a future trilogy, inspired by the music that shook him, such as soul or even African music. This work is at the crossroads between electronic music, to make you dance, and his personal inspirations as an artist. Driven by Congolese rhythms, inspired in particular by Papa Wemba or Mbilia Bel and Rochereau Tabu Ley, Marvin Waxx’s music knows no borders and does not hesitate to fuse styles by inserting a touch of R&B, soul or more hip-hop music in his creations. “It’s this French touch, with the arrival of DJ Mehdi and then Daft Punk, who brought a crossover between electro music and urban music, that pushed me towards electro music and the mixture of styles. », explains Marvin Waxx. The DJ and producer builds a bridge through his music between traditions and contemporary trends.

In the introduction to “Musicology 1.1,” Marvin Waxx revisits an interview with Whitney Houston, in which he talks about his controversial transition from gospel to pop. A nod to a great artist whom he admires for embodying this notion of music without borders. The fusion between hip hop, gospel and even electro music in Marvin Waxx’s first EP aims to send a message: that of uniting genres and people. “Musicology 1.1” embodies the essence of musical innovation, combining captivating African house rhythms with deep melodic house melodies. Future volumes in the Musicology series promise to delve even deeper into Marvin Waxx’s unique sonic explorations, providing listeners with an unforgettable and transcendent musical experience. Through this first EP, the DJ aims to later create his own label and create festive events. Your dream of him as a DJ? Performing before thousands of people at the American festival Burning Man or Coachella. But for now, business to follow for the next two parts of the Musicology project.

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