Portrait of a resident of District 10 who works alongside sick children

the 10my It is a district to which I am very attached, I live there with my family and have worked there since 2008. An SNCF employee, I was the first station manager at the Gare du Nord and today I work for the SNCF Réseau, at the Gare de l’Est . Logically my family and I live between the two seasons!

We are even more attached to it because, when we experienced a family tragedy in 2020/2021, the entire neighborhood mobilized to accompany us, help us and support us as much as they could. In fact, our son, who was 6 years old at the time, had a brain tumor and unfortunately died in December 2021 after long months of fierce fighting. In a situation like this, solidarity and friendship have an importance that we cannot imagine.

The Amazones Raid is a solidarity and 100% female raid, organized as a team. I will participate starting March 12 with Delphine, an energetic, supportive and committed woman like me, whom I met in this context. Three good reasons to participate in this adventure! This raid will be an opportunity to carry out a real sporting challenge, in a magnificent place, but also to raise funds for two associations that are close to the hearts of Delphine and me.

If I can participate in this event it is thanks to my employer, the SNCF, which sponsored me, but also thanks to the merchants of the Saint-Quentin market: the Thomas & Lucie fruit shop, the Boucherie du Bonheur and Gautier cheese. maker. , who agreed to support our cause! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Your gesture moves me far beyond the financial aspect.

Through the Amazones Raid, we support two associations:

-NO! We create, a hospital art school offering high-quality visual arts workshops for hospitalized children, offering them a life-saving creative bubble. My son Vadim went there every week with great pleasure;

– Imagine for Margo, who funds research programs against pediatric cancer, as well as actions to improve the daily lives of children in hospitals.

Everyone can help us and help these associations continue with their essential action, participating in the fundraising that we have created within the framework of the Amazon Raid. The amounts raised will be donated in full and will be divided equally between the two associations. This collection is open until March 31 and can be accessed on the secure Helloasso platform.

Participate in the collection

Do you want to support Lauren and Delphine’s charity project? Participate in their collection before March 31 by clicking here!

Did you know? Donations to non-profit associations give the right to a reduction in income tax corresponding to 66% of the amount paid. If you give 20 euros, your donation will only cost you 6.80 euros after tax reduction.

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