France: who are the main candidates in the 2024 European elections?

The 2024 European elections will be held in four months, most French parties have announced their top list, who will have the mission of leading the campaign until June 9, 2024, but Some groups still hesitate between presenting a list or forming alliances.

Candidates from the “main list” of French political parties presented in alphabetical order:

  • Nathalie Artaud, workers’ struggle

Spokesperson for the Trotskyist party and several times candidate in the French presidential elections, Nathalie Artaud already headed the list in 2009, 2014 and 2019 for the European elections. She defines the struggle of her political party as follows: “We want to defend the only perspective that is useful to us: the overthrow of capitalism by the workers.”

  • François Asselineau, Republican Popular Union

François Asselineau, defender of “Frexit”, will lead the campaign of his party, the Popular Republican Union (UPR), for the third time during the European elections. He is in favor of France leaving the European Union, the euro and NATO.

  • Manon Aubry, rebel France

Manon Aubry, French politician and community activist, is spokesperson for the NGO Oxfam France in the fight against tax evasion and social inequalities, until December 2018. Already at the top of the list for the 2019 elections, she obtained 6.3% of the votes, which allowed it to win 6 seats in the European Parliament.

  • Jordan Bardella, National Rally

Former head of the RN youth movement, he succeeded Marine Le Pen as president of the National Rally party in 2021. Jordan Bardella is also vice-president of the Identity and Democracy group in the European Parliament.

  • François-Xavier Bellamy, the Republicans

As in 2019, the head of the Republican list for the European elections will be François-Xavier Bellamy, politician, associate professor of philosophy and essayist. He is currently an MEP. and analyzed many topics, from the war in Ukraine to the immigration pact, including agriculture and nuclear energy.

Marine Cholley, an engineer specialized in renewable energies, will top the Équinoxe list on June 9. It is the first time that Equinoxe, a political party founded in 2021 by young people between 20 and 30 years old, will present its own list in the European elections.

  • Léon Deffontaines, French Communist Party

At 27 years old, Léon Desffontaines is the youngest candidate for the 2024 European elections. Very close to Fabien Roussel (national secretary of the French Communist Party (PCF)), the list he will propose for the PCF will be revealed in a few days and certain members from other French political parties should be included.

  • Philippe Folliot, Ruralities

Philippe Folliot has been a senator for the Tarn since 2020, former deputy and president of the centrist Alliance. The list he heads is called “Ruralities, the future in the right direction.” A convinced European, he prefers “a Europe that protects us rather than a Europe that limits us.”

  • Jean-Christophe Fromantin, Territories in motion

The former deputy and current mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, Jean-Christophe Fromantin, will head a list called “Our Europe”. This list is supported by his party, Territoires en Mouvement, but also by “Utiles” and offers voters a more direct representation of the French territories and their issues in the European Parliament.

  • Raphaël Glucksmann, Socialist Party – Public Square

Raphaël Glucksmann, already leader of a list for the European elections that brings together the Socialist Party (PS), Nouvelle Donne (ND), the Radical Left (PRG) and the movement he founded, the Public Square (PP), had obtained 6 .2% of the votes. votes and 6 seats in 2019. In the European Parliament, Raphaël Glucksmann was especially distinguished by his work on human rights.

  • Jean-Marc Governatori, Ecology at the center

It is the third time that the independent environmentalist Jean-Marc Governatori (business leader and opposition councilor in Nice) has topped the list in the European elections. President of the Ecology in the Center party (formerly the Independent Ecologist Alliance), his credo is the following phrase: “An ecology neither on the right nor on the left.”

  • Valérie Hayer, Renaissance – Modem – Horizons

In the 2024 European elections, Valérie Hayer will head the presidential majority list. She was elected European deputy in 2019 for the República en Marche list. For this campaign, Renaissance, Modem, Horizons and the Radical Party will unite under the slogan “Europe’s Need”.

  • Guillaume Lacroix, Party of the Radical Left – Volt – Regions and peoples in solidarity

President of the Party of the Radical Left (PRG) since 2019, Guillaume Lacroix will be the leader of his political party for the 2024 European elections. He says he wants to offer an alternative “outside of Nupes” to “orphan” voters, whether they are ” left-wing macronists” or the “Socialist Party”.

  • Marion Maréchal, Reconquista!

For the next European elections, Marion Maréchal will head the list under the banner of the Reconquête party, founded in 2021 by Eric Zemmour. Its the first time in 2024, for Reconquête to participate in the European elections.

  • Laure Patas d’Illiers, Europe Democracy Esperanto

Laure Patas d’Illiers will head the Europa Esperanto Democracy (EDE) list in the European elections. Created at the end of the 19th century, this political group proposes the adoption of Esperanto as a common language within the European Union and aims to establish a neutral bridge between different cultures. EDE has participated in all European elections since 2004, always obtaining low scores.

  • Florian Philippot, the patriots

First European MP for the National Front (which became the National Rally in 2018), Florian Philippot founded the sovereigntist party Les Patriotes in 2017. A Eurosceptic, he advocates France’s exit from the European Union and NATO.

  • Willy Scharen, The Rural Alliance

The president of the National Federation of Hunters, Willy Scharen, will head a list called the Rural Alliance, which declares itself “apolitical” and “citizen.” Willy Scharen speaks of the values ​​defended by his party: “Bring the values ​​of rurality to the European Parliament and put an end to regulatory inflation that hinders our freedoms and condemns our art of living.”

  • Hélène Thouy, Animist Party

Hélène Thouy has been named head of the Animalist Party’s list for the 2024 European elections. The co-founder and co-president of the animist party will defend animal rights during this campaign, in particular the abolition of bullfighting and the improvement of conditions breeding.

  • Marie Toussaint, Europe ecology the Greens

Marie Toussaint is a lawyer in international environmental law. In the 2019 European elections she occupied fourth position on the list headed by Yannick Jadot, who then obtained 13.5% of the votes and 13 seats. She advocates in particular for climate justice on a global scale, the social and environmental responsibility of multinationals and the recognition of the crime of ecocide.

  • Thierry-Paul Valette, Europa Fair

Very present in the yellow vest movement, Thierry-Paul Valette heads the list for the first time in the European elections. His list will be called “The Union for a Rainbow Europe.”

  • Yann Wehrling, Positive ecology and territories

Yann Wehrling, vice president of the Île-de-France regional council in charge of the ecological transition, will head a “non-radical” environmentalist list. Positive Ecology, the party he founded in 2022, It advocates “a realistic, constructive and pragmatic ecology”, positioning itself “at the center of the political panorama”.

  • Caroline Zorn, Pirate Party

Caroline Zorn is a lawyer, municipal councilor of Strasbourg and vice-president of Eurométropole. She is a spokesperson and will head the list of the Pirate Party in the 2024 European elections. The program of this party is based on the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, both in the digital sphere and in the broader sense.

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