“My goal was to become operational quickly”: they specialized (ultra) since the bachelor’s degree

Although there is something for everyone, most degrees are general, with the possibility of choosing a sector or profession at the end of the course. Others, on the contrary, opt for early specialization. Sales, sports, luxury marketing, tourism, etc., these training courses take you right to the heart of the topic that interests you. Business school requires you to study marketing well, but always through practical cases linked to your field. You will have management, but adapted as much as possible to the specificities of the sector. As for internships or work-study programs, they must be carried out, as expected, in a company in the sector.

“I was clear that I would not continue my studies beyond three years”

For Tristan, things were clear: he wanted to reorient himself towards banking. “I started my studies in sports. However, it is something else! », remembers the student. After three years of Staps leave, he found a student job in the succession department of La Banque Postale. “This experience made me want to continue in the sector. I felt good there. That’s when a friend told me about ESBank. »

The École supérieure de la banque has 18 campuses in France and offers, in particular, a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Insurance. “I went to his dating work where several partners were present. I had an interview with the Caisse d’Épargne and it worked immediately,” explains Tristan. For a young man who knew what he wanted, the solution was perfect. “It was clear that I would not continue my studies beyond three years. My goal was to be operational quickly,” he says.

Sales advisor at a Caisse d’Épargne agency, in Sotteville-lès-Rouen (Seine-Maritime), the apprentice begins with client reception missions, providing a first level of advice. Lately he also leads meetings, for the moment in pairs with a colleague. “With parallel studies everything advances at the same time. Little by little we are bringing you pieces that allow you to become independent,” says Tristan.

Why wait?

Aware that many students immediately want to try a career they like, Inseec (present in seven cities in France) has decided to offer the possibility of choosing from the first year. Students choose one of 13 pathways, through “employment hubs” (finance, sales, etc.) or sectors. Even if it means changing it later. “I think that in the first year you have to find what makes you happy. It is the best way to be good and want to invest in your studies. “Thinking will be perfected little by little,” recommends Marion Fabre, director of Inseec’s bachelor’s programs.

The specialization is initially light – 20% of the courses – completing a more important base common to all students. This will allow them to feel comfortable if they wish to pursue another specialty in subsequent years. “You will always deal with finance or marketing. In any case, today, even a communications director must know how to read an income statement,” illustrates Marion Fabre.

The degree of specialization increases progressively, until it constitutes 50% of the third year courses. Meanwhile, at least a third of students have changed majors. “They see the gap between what they imagined and reality. Many things change the way you think, starting with internships and work-study programs. Little by little they are getting to know the sectors that offer the best opportunities better,” confesses the director of the Inseec degrees.

place for passion

For some, hesitation is not part of the vocabulary. “In college, since third grade, I knew I wanted to work in the sports business,” Justine says. The young woman is truly passionate. Between crossfit, badminton, bodybuilding and skiing, practicing sports already amounts to 55 hours a month.

“I looked for training but I didn’t find what I was looking for. In the Staps license you cannot directly choose sports management,” he explains. As for private schools, they are expensive, especially since you often have to wait until the third year to start an apprenticeship. “There I found out about the opening of PPA Sport in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône),” says Justine.

The school offers work-study programs starting in the first year, which is quite rare. In class, the subjects of a classic business school are taught, adapted to the sports environment. “This morning I had a lesson in labor law. The professor took the example of Kylian Mbappé’s contract to raise the legal questions he raised,” Justine illustrates. She is pursuing her work-study program in marketing at Planet Fitness Group, specializing in equipment and training for professionals in different sports.

She also finds time to attend events as a volunteer. “Last year she participated in the sailing test event (dress rehearsal for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games) in Marseille. The school agreed to postpone my exams so I could be there,” says the young woman. She will return to the city of Marseille this summer to bring the medal tray to the winners of the event.

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