Single: three tips to stand out from the crowd and get a place

March 14 is approaching, the last deadline to express your wishes in Parcoursup. You’re not the only one feeling pressure. For their part, the formations are beginning to work. Thousands of application files will be coming soon.

To the evil tongues who will say that all business schools are the same: it is true, but only in part. Each one can have its own color in certain areas and give more importance to certain themes. And some are also much more selective than others.

Your file under the microscope

At Iéseg Business School, in Paris and Lille, we highlight the importance of English. “It is imperative to have a solid level and know how to express yourself,” insists Céline Verdrière, director of recruitment for France at Iéseg. Not in vain, all the teaching of your degree will be in English.

It also highlights the expected high appetite for economics subjects, which, for a business school, is not without significance. But be careful, “you don’t have to be allergic to mathematics and statistics either, an important part of our programs,” emphasizes Céline Verdrière. It is not necessary to have studied mathematics in your final year, but if you dropped the subject in second grade, it will be more complicated.

Good grades but not only

At EM Normandie (Le Havre, Caen and Paris) we also look at quality. “The key issues? Economic and social sciences, English, history and geography, French,” lists Carine GUIBBANI, director of admissions. But while a very low rating may be prohibitive, that’s not the most important thing. Attention is paid to evaluations and teacher progress. “This aspect is valuable because it gives an indication of the level of seriousness and tenacity of a student,” considers Carine GUIBBANI.

You can access a bachelor’s degree through a common competition. This is the case of Rennes School of Business, a member of the Ecricome competition along with two other schools (Kedge BS and EM Strasbourg). This will take you one wish and one sub wish per establishment. In addition to the classic admission procedure, there is a logic test. “You can now do it online, several times. Parcoursup will only keep the best grade,” specifies Marine Huron-Grillot, responsible for undergraduate admissions at Rennes SB.

The difficulty is not so much in the questions as in the process. “Everything is timed, you have to go fast. But with a little practice you will acquire the right reflexes,” she guarantees.

oral time

After this time of academic analysis comes the oral interviews. All schools plan for it and often this is where things happen. “We want to know who you are and if you will feel good with us,” says EM Normandie’s admissions director.

On the menu, two interviews: one in English and another motivational. Since everything is done in English, Iéseg combines the two oral exams into one. “If I had to boil it down to one question, it would be ‘Why are you here?’ “explains Céline Verdrière. That is, why a management school? But also, why Iéseg in particular and why this three-year course?

“Candidates for our five-year Grande Ecole program are quite confident in their direction. For singles, it’s more subtle. It is about understanding why they prefer a short course, how they imagine the future,” explains the recruitment director for France at Iéseg. In the case of the Ecricome competition, the grades obtained in the written and oral English test will be applied to all courses. On the other hand, the motivational interview will be specific to each person.

Generally speaking, only those who are eligible (those who have passed the application stage) are interviewed. At EM Normandie, all applicants will be accepted. “We don’t want to miss out on a great profile. There are students who are less academic than others who, once with us, reveal their full potential,” explains Carine GUIBBANI.

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