Double degree, internships… during your degree, go abroad!

“It would be unthinkable to consider a degree without experience abroad, whether during an internship or a study stay. Even though these are three-year courses, we must offer this openness to our students, who actually expect the same attributes as a Grande école program,” explains Jean Charroin, general director of Essca, one of the most active schools in this field. . .

“Today, the best degree programs require speaking two languages ​​and would not fulfill their promise of excellence without a course abroad. » Recruiters also take great care to ensure that the CVs of young graduates are enriched with an “international” line and the command of one or two languages, or even more. In a world where openness to others is a key element for employability, mobility is becoming essential.

Of course, you have to deal with the carbon footprint and limit trips that are not essential, the new generations are very sensitive to this. And this is good.

A whole network of schools

Therefore, international experience is an advantage. Even apprentices can benefit from mobility as part of their contract. The list of foreign partners usually appears in brochures or on the school’s website. Don’t hesitate to take a look and remember to check if the associations will still be valid once you enter the school. In fact, the latter evolve according to conventions, the political situation or even the specializations offered in the course.

Of course, sectors belonging to recognized institutions naturally have a network of partners around the world and, sometimes, offices in other countries. At EM Normandie, for example, candidates benefit from the same expatriations as their peers in the five-year sector in Oxford (England), Dublin (Ireland) and now Dubai (United Arab Emirates), which opened a year ago. “With our campuses we can guarantee exchanges in a sometimes complicated geopolitical context and guarantee experiences in attractive countries for our candidates,” underlines Elian Pilvin, general director of EM Normandie.

The same goes for Essca, which has offices in Malaga (Spain), Budapest (Hungary) and Luxembourg. For its part, Audencia allows its students to benefit from its locations in China or Brazil, while TBS Education has established itself in Casablanca (Morocco) and Barcelona (Spain).

Double Diploma

The ESCP, whose DNA is completely international, offers two thirds of the course outside France, that is, 24 months. Singles, on the other hand, offer a duration of expatriation generally between 3 and 12 months of internships and academic stays. The possibility of obtaining a double diploma is obviously an advantage offered by some establishments, but it is not the rule in all schools, since the double diploma is rather reserved for the bac + 5 level.

In addition to internships or stays outside France, schools are happy to offer missions that can also complement this aspect of training or even replace mobility.

“We strongly encourage our students to carry out projects for companies in the region that wish to discover new markets to export, establish, supply or import,” adds Yann Tournesac, general director of the CES of Amiens (Somme). This is an important element to give additional color to your career and make it “international at home”. An educational approach complementary to the traditional curriculum. »

A financial effort

However, expatriation represents a significant effort. Even if the cost of studying at a partner university is zero, there are obviously important costs to anticipate. Find out, many establishments allow you to obtain an Erasmus scholarship. As part of an internship, remuneration is welcome but not always planned. Also here, find out about the possibilities of having a small job during an academic period or if your internships are paid.

Finally think about theEnglish track that some bachelor’s degrees offer, that is, partial or even complete education in English. The programs are generally quite selective because you need to master the basics of English. In this context, a high TOEFL or TOEIC score may also be necessary. The reward ? Having a perfect command of English after three years of schooling encourages you to continue your studies outside France. Until today, only master’s degrees were the first affected by their proportion of foreign students. Now it is the turn of singles, proof of the very favorable evolution of bac+3 training.

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