Here is the Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail, the most expensive car in the world

The new Rolls-Royce, the Arcadia Droptail, is a true work of art on four wheels. With the presentation of the third of four orders for the “Coachbuild” Droptail model, the manufacturer, owned by BMW since 2002, presents the most expensive car in the world today.

The name of this hyper-luxurious car is already quite a program: “Arcadia” (or Arcadia, in good French) designated in Greek mythology an “earthly paradise”, where man lived in harmony with nature. The car that bears this sweet name was commissioned by a client whose identity has not been revealed, but who was present at all stages of the design of his vehicle, we are told.

A Rolls-Royce in homage to the luxury and aesthetics of yesteryear

The latest Rolls-Royce impresses with its elegant and stylish design, fascinating V-12 engine and 22-inch alloy tires. Its unique nautical design, inspired by luxury yachts, is reflected in its sumptuous Santos Straight Grain wood facade.

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Rolls-Royce had to develop a special varnish to protect the wood used in the upper rear section and throughout the cabin for the entire life of the vehicle. This process took a total of 8000 hours. The interior of the Arcadia is covered in white and brown leather.

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