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Will science save our society?

This week the first edition of the Paris-Saclay Summit took place, an event around science. For two days, Le Point magazine, the Ile-de-France region and the Paris-Saclay urban community brought together a hundred scientists from all over the world.

More than 60 conferences were organized for the general public. This event highlights French excellence and the global reach of public and private research. An opportunity to demonstrate that science can provide answers to the challenges of tomorrow.

An exclusive report prepared by Christophe Rigaud can be found this week in the newspaper Grand JT des Territoires, Cyril Viguier’s program broadcast on TV5 Monde and LCP.

Cocaine: exceptional seizure in the Antilles!

Territorial News also reported on the exceptional seizure of cocaine in the maritime area of ​​the Antilles where more than 8 tons were intercepted in less than 10 days.

The total resale value is several hundred million euros. Last year just over 11 tons were intercepted.

Therefore, this record is likely to be surpassed in 2024. The situation is alarming in the region, especially as traffic is intensifying. A report prepared by the local channel. viaATV.

Difficult recovery in oyster sales?

Next, Cyril Viguier mentioned the difficult recovery of oyster sales, especially in the Arcachon basin. After the sales ban due to norovirus contamination, the

Oysters are back, but consumers are still too scarce. And the industry regrets a loss of 5 million euros in the region, as Océane Archambault pointed out for the local channel TV7.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation mobilizes to defend red squirrels

Finally, they talked about the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which works in Yvelines to protect red squirrels. The 20 Minutes partner interviewed one of the Foundation’s officials at Mélanie Faure’s microphone.

The Grand JT des Territoires is produced in collaboration with all local television channels and with the editorial offices of the main regional daily press groups. It mobilizes 200 journalists who carry out reports from all territories.

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