This is the most punctual airline in Europe: 92.95% of its flights are neither delayed nor canceled

A delayed flight or even a completely canceled flight can ruin a vacation. It is then better to choose a particularly reliable airline so that you do not have to face these disappointments. But how do we know which of them are the best at keeping their commitments when it comes to punctuality?

To find out, trading website drew on annual data provided by OAG, the UK’s travel data platform. To make the review as realistic as possible, the teams only selected airlines that had flown more than 20,000 flights in the past year.

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Eurowings is the airline with the least number of flight delays and cancellations in Europe

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Series verdict in Europe? Eurowings, the low-cost airline of the Lufthansa group, tops the list! The German company has an extremely low delay/cancellation rate on its 156,350 flights in 023: 7.05%, including only 1.81% cancellations. However, Frankfurt Airport is classified as the least punctual in Europe: only 39.27% ​​of the planes that took off there arrived on time.

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TUI fly Belgium (Belgium) is in second place thanks to a rate of 12.50% (0.98% cancellations, 11.51% delays). Iberia (Spain) rounds out the podium with a score of 15.19% (0.02% cancellations, 15.16% delays).

No French airline in the top 10 most reliable

Unfortunately for France, no French company appeared in the top 10. On the contrary, Spain and Norway appear in the list three times and twice, respectively. Small consolation, Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is in 8th place among the most punctual: only 19.16% of the planes that take off there arrive late or are cancelled.

1. Eurowings (Germany)

Cancellation/delay rate: 7.05% (1.81% cancellation, 5.25% delay)
Annual number of flights flown: 156,350

2. TUI fly Belgium (Belgium)

Cancellation/Delay Rate: 12.50% (0.98% Cancellation, 11.51% Delay)
Annual number of flights flown: 23,728

3. Iberia (Spain)

Cancellation/delay rate: 15.19% (0.02% cancellation, 15.16% delay)
Annual number of flights flown: 212,877

4. Widerøes Flyveselskap (Norway)

Cancellation/delay rate: 15.76% (3.61% cancellations, 12.15% delays)
Annual number of flights flown: 119,721

5. Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norway)

Cancellation/delay rate: 16.91% (0.36% cancellation, 16.54% delay)
Annual number of flights flown: 81,568

6. LOT – Polish Airlines (Poland)

Cancellation/delay rate: 17.01% (0.63% cancellation, 16.37% delay)
Annual number of flights flown: 96,461

7. Austrian Airlines (Austria)

Cancellation/delay rate: 17.19% (2.41% cancellations, 14.78% delays)
Annual number of flights flown: 114,033

8. Vueling Airlines (Spain)

Cancellation/Delay Rate: 19.18% (0.85% Cancellation, 18.33% Delay)
Annual number of flights flown: 217,769

9. Binter Canarias (Spain)

Cancellation/delay rate: 19.58% (0.08% cancellations, 19.49% delays)
Annual number of flights flown: 52,447

10. Finnair (Finland)

Cancellation/delay rate: 20.41% (0.14% cancellations, 20.27% delays)
Annual number of flights flown: 101,127

Why do planes arrive late?

In 2023, European flights were delayed by an average of 15 minutes. That’s up from 13.3 minutes before the COVID-19 pandemic. The decline in accuracy, which BestBrokers attributes to several factors: airspace restrictions due to the war in Ukraine, bad weather conditions, demonstrations and threats of employee strikes, technical failures of control systems and even a boom in flight bookings during the summer.

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