To improve your relationship with your teenager in just a few minutes, ask them this question

A simple question can allow you to reconnect with your child.
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On Instagram, the famous American psychologist Becky Kennedy delivers a key phrase to open dialogue and strengthen ties with your teenager.

What if it were possible to reduce the gap between us and our teenager in the space of 15 seconds? In any case, this is what Becky Kennedy, clinical psychologist graduated from Columbia University and author of the world bestseller, promises. good inside in its French version). In a video posted March 10 on Instagram, she points out American moms’ favorite parenting specialist. there Question to ask your child to “immediately” improve the quality of the bond.

The strategy of the one known as “Dr. Becky” on the networks begins with a question addressed to her teenager: “Choose a quiet moment and ask her the following question: “What could I do to improve as a mother?” she advises her 2.4 million subscribers. . “That’s that’s it.”

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“Do not respond to provocation”

To explain how this simple question improves the relationship between parents and children, the psychologist moves the scene to the professional world. “Imagine his boss comes into his office and asks, ‘What’s one thing you could do better as a manager?'” he says. Immediately, before you even think of a response, you feel seen, respected, important, and that your voice matters.” This is also what a teenager will feel when asked the same question, he promises.

In her video, Becky Kennedy already anticipates the reaction of parents discouraged by the lack of real communication or by their teenager’s sarcasm. “Any response from your child is information,” says the specialist. Activate your curiosity and do not respond directly to the provocation.” For example, if the adolescent’s response is “you can give me €500 every day”, the psychologist advises asking again with open questions: “What would you do with this money?”, or “Are there things you would like to do but wouldn’t you? can you afford it? In this case, the goal is not, of course, to negotiate an increase in her pocket money, but rather to obtain information without judgment. This approach allows us to “know a new facet of our child,” she concludes.

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