For your relationship to be happy and lasting, it must have these 2 fundamental characteristics

What should you do to have a happy and lasting relationship? Kari Rusnak, an American relationship expert, listed in an article the 10 characteristics to look for in a partner. However, two of them, often ignored, are fundamental.

In addition to being with someone with whom you share likes and dislikes, with whom you can talk without systematically arguing, and who supports you, you should look for someone who “expresses love” and speaks “positively about you to others.”

Respect, the cornerstone of a happy relationship

We all want to feel loved and, with age and routine, we no longer try so hard to say “I love you” or show it with actions. That’s why we must always keep this in mind, express it in different ways and learn what gestures move your partner the most.

Speaking positively about your partner to those around you is also a way to express your love and can strengthen trust, especially if problems have arisen in the relationship. As the expert explains, it is also a sign of respect, the cornerstone of a successful relationship.

So keep this advice in mind and don’t forget to put it into practice yourself. Especially since expressing your feelings only works if the act is reciprocal.

Originally published in GQ Spain

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