How to access your personal training account (CPF) if you live abroad?

The personal training account (CPF) is, in France, a public system for financing continuing training. In 2015, it replaced the individual right to training (DIF) and is managed by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.

In a letter dated June 13, 2023, the deputy for French people living abroad, Frédéric Petit, drew the attention of the Minister of Labor, Full Employment and Integration “on the impossibility of accessing their personal training account (CPF) for French people established outside France. Posted workers, cross-border workers or those who have acquired rights due to previous employment in France, have rights from which they are de facto excluded for seemingly trivial reasons. » These insignificant reasons apparently are the inability to access the CPF itself with an address or telephone number abroad, without being able to explain your situation by email.

The ministry’s response

The response from the Ministry of Labor, published on February 20, 2024, first confirms that “the rights registered in the personal activity account and, in fact, in the Personal Training Account (CPF), even in the event of departure from the holder to the foreigner, they will remain acquired by the holder until they are used or the account is closed and may be used at any time. » Then it is explained that due to too many fraud attempts and illegal probing “the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations has restricted the use of the My Training Account (MCF) platform for Internet Protocol (IP) addresses located outside France and in particular outside the European Union, provided that the connection to MonCompteFormation has been requested several times a day for the same address. » In conclusion, the ministry explains: “However, the registration of CPF holders domiciled outside France on the MCF platform remains entirely possible by first contacting the IT support of this website so that the services of the Caisse des deposits and consignments can provide personal access to the platform as well as all other associated services (connection, consultation of training offers and subscription to a training action). »

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