In Mallorca, bohemian life in a heavenly hotel

At the entrance overlooking the Sóller Valley, the grounds mix with agave and cacti species, giving the garden a Mexican sierra feel. After passing through two heavy old wooden doors, you enter a paved terrace, a haven of freshness filled with ferns, where a trickle of water flows from a rusty faucet and flows into a stone bowl. Welcome to Corazón – “heart” in Spanish.

“A luxury hotel for a new generation of travelers who want to live barefoot, eat fruit from trees, swim in the sea at night and get lost in the pine trees” Here is an intention that could be based on the Beat Generation, shown on the website of this one finca of fifteen rooms inaugurated this summer by British photographer Kate Bellm, known for her wildly feminine fashion shots, and multidisciplinary artist Edgar López.

After a year and a half of work, these two adopted Majorcans living on the Balearic Island for ten years gave soul to this ancient one obsession – as we refer to agricultural estates here – from the 16th centuryE century, clinging to the mountainside at the bend of the winding road that connects the town of Sóller with Deià. This part of the northwestern part of the island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, where steep cliffs plunge into the sea and underwater caves offer a diver’s paradise..

“The sky is turquoise blue, the sea is azure, the mountains are emerald green. The air there is as pure as that which one must breathe in paradise.” wrote Frédéric Chopin in 1938 during his stay with George Sand in this country, historically valued by the artist. From the British poet Robert Graves to Mick Jagger, including Paul Simonon, the painter and bassist of the Clash, this El Dorado, protected from mass tourism, has been visited by many.

Meadow flowers, secret coves and nudity

“We came here guided by the bohemian spirit of the 60s and 70s,” recalls Edgar López, born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Nothing predestined them to open a hotel. “We would never have thought of it at the time,” Laughs. This couple, fans of nomadism, met a few years ago in Tulum before embarking on a four-year journey from Japan to India, from Morocco to California, living on love and artistic experiences.

She photographs, he paints on the walls of the cities they pass through in the great Mexican tradition of muralists, from Diego Rivera to David Alfaro Siqueiros. When they arrived in Deià, they were struck by the natural power of this mountain corner and met a community of artists there. “A whole world of wild flowers, waterfalls, secret coves and nudity, which is the norm here, opened up to me,” says Kate Bellm.

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