Jacky’s garden. For a lawn that makes you dream, now is the time to get active

If you want to rebuild a beautiful lawn, now is the time. First of all you will have to turn the soil to crumble it and make it as fine as possible. Then take a fang (or bigot), that is, a curved claw, to flatten the ground and make it more aesthetic and easier to cut. Take advantage of this tusk to remove all unwanted roots and small stones.

stop foam

If your land is full of moss, before turning it you will need to use a scarifier or, at the very least, a lawn rake to remove as much as possible. It will also be necessary to provide a limestone amendment (based on lithotamne – a seaweed – or rock dust for example) to mix with the soil to raise the pH of the soil and prevent the return of moss. Moisture can also be the cause of moss. Then it will be necessary to dig a little deeper and possibly place some stones at the bottom, so that the water…

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