The most accurate airport in France is not (at all) in the Paris region

The busiest airport in France is not necessarily the most efficient. While Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly have the highest air volumes – 31,799 and 13,651 in February 2024, respectively, according to the Directorate General for Civil Aviation – neither of these two locations is among the most accurate.

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That’s one of the conclusions of a major study by business website of airports that handled at least 20,000 flights last year. This is according to data from the UK travel data platform OAG. According to this ranking, which also reveals the airline that suffers the least delays and cancellations in Europe, Paris CDG airport even appears in 13th place for the least punctual, behind Nice in 11th place.

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport is the most punctual in France

Big winner in France? Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport. The site has a delay and cancellation rate of just 19.16% – including 17.29% delays and 1.82% cancellations – compared to 45.93% at Paris CDG and even 46.60% at Nice airport. Performances that place Bordeaux-Mérignac airport 8th in the top 10 most punctual in Europe.

However, sites that are not attractive to visitors according to Google reviews

Unfortunately, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine site does not shine less when it comes to the satisfaction of its visitors. According to a ranking made in 2023 by based on reviews left on Google, Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport is ranked 28th among those preferred by travelers. It is currently rated just 2.7/5 compared to 4.1 for Montpellier Méditerranée, Pau Pyrénées and Calvi airports, 4 for Lourdes and 3.9 for Brest-Bretagne. Dissatisfied people blame him in particular for the lack of places and excessively long waiting times.

10 airports with the fewest delays and cancellations in Europe

Although Norway does not appear on the podium of the most punctual airports on the old continent, it is overrepresented in the top 10: it appears three times.

1. Malta International Airport (Malta)

  • Cancellation/Delay Rate: 9.41% (0.41% Cancellation, 9% Delay)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 24,089

2. Warsaw Chopin Airport (Poland)

  • Cancellation/delay rate: 13.43% (0.56% cancellation, 12.87% delay)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 64,596

3. Stuttgart Airport (Germany)

  • Cancellation/delay rate: 14.46% (2.33% cancellations, 12.13% delays)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 33,751

4. Dublin Airport (Ireland)

  • Cancellation/Delay Rate: 14.60% (0.75% Cancellation, 13.85% Delay)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 112,331

5. Tenerife North Airport (Spain)

  • Cancellation/Delay Rate: 17.34% (0.02% Cancellation, 17.33% Delay)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 34,678

6. Trondheim Værnes Airport (Norway)

  • Cancellation/delay rate: 17.55% (1.50% cancellation, 16.05% delay)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 21,878

7. Bergen Airport (Norway)

  • Cancellation/delay rate: 19.12% (1.82% cancellation, 17.29% delay)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 38,484

8. Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (France)

  • Cancellation/delay rate: 19.16% (2.10% cancellations, 17.06% delays)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 25,090

9. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Finland)

  • Cancellation/delay rate: 19.84% (0.35% cancellation, 19.50% delay)
  • Annual flights conducted

10. Oslo-Gardermoen Airport (Norway)

  • Cancellation/delay rate: 20.45% (0.83% cancellation, 19.62% delay)
  • Annual number of flights flown: 98,436

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