Lidl: recalls frozen minced fillets from the market in much of France

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They are very practical when you don’t have much time to cook. 250 g of pasta, a small minced fillet, cheese and that’s it. In 30 minutes the meal is finished, dishes included.

Be careful, however, with the meat that ends up in the pan. A batch of minced fillets is being recalled in much of France. It has an organoleptic defect.

The product in detail

In detail,, which transmits the alert, mentions boxes stamped “The Butcher’s Stall”, weighing 1 kg each, containing eight frozen “butcher-style” minced fillets of 125 g.

The lot in question is number 681498G, barcode 4056489361992, whose minimum durability date is January 4, 2025.

The health mark accompanying the product, sold between January 17 and March 14, 2023, is FR 43.190.003 CE.

Please note that not all Lidl stores in France are affected by this recall. The list of points of sale can be found at this address.

“An organoleptic deviation”

To justify this alert, Rappel-Conso points out that the fillets could present “an organoleptic deviation.” That is, the product has a defect that affects one of our five senses (touch, sight, taste, smell, hearing).

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The impacted address is not specified in the reminder.

Therefore, it is not recommended to consume this product. Those who have purchased it are invited to return it to the point of sale or even destroy it. There is a refund procedure. It will last until Tuesday, May 14, 2024. More information at 08 00 90 03 43.

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