Spectacular lightning during the eruption of the El Fuego volcano filmed by a researcher

HE lightninglightning They not only occur under the electric stormselectric storms, but also, sometimes, on volcanoes. All Volcanic eruptionsVolcanic eruptions However, it does not generate lightning and the volcanovolcano he FireFire It is known for its impressive electrical discharges. This very active volcano in Guatemala has been erupting regularly since 2002. physicalphysical French just posted a video of a spectacular volcanic lightning strike filmed above this volcano in 2022:

Lightning is generated by the friction of ice and rock particles.

Fire periodically generates lightninglightning volcanic, probably because its plume is high enough to encounter ice particles in the air.

These particles collide with pieces of rock and ash. When broken into small pieces, the rock particles become charged with electricity. The friction of all these small electrically charged parts produces electrical discharges, sometimes minimal, sometimes impressive.

The greater the number of colliding particles and the more diverse the types of particles, the greater the electrical activity.

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