Taxes: a tax levy falls this Friday, March 15, does it affect you?

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A surprise ? Usually not. This Friday, March 15, 2024, the tax services will impose on certain French people the payment of certain local taxes.

But rest assured, not everyone is affected: only taxpayers who have elected monthly payments for some of their local taxes, property tax and second home tax are affected.

This still represents 11.5 million taxpayers.

Monthly withholding of income tax advance (also)

This Friday the 3rd monthly withholding of the income tax payment will also be made if you receive income without collectors. That is, the income of self-employed workers or farmers, liberal professions, etc. Property income or even alimony recipients are also affected.

Who should pay property tax and housing tax?

As a reminder, the taxpayers required to pay property tax are the owners or usufructuaries of a home on January 1.

This tax must be paid even if your accommodation is rented.

General Directorate of Public Finances

As for the housing tax, it only affects second homes. In fact, the tax on habitual residence has been eliminated for all taxpayers.

Please note that the debit for this Friday, March 15, only concerns those who have chosen monthly payments.

The choice of monthly payment.

You can, each year, choose the monthly payment. To do this, you must notify the tax authorities when you receive your property tax and/or home tax notice.

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Two deadlines in this case:

The monthly direct debit is a payment divided into 10 installments (from January to October). The amount of each monthly payment corresponds to one tenth of the tax owed from the previous year.

General Directorate of Public Finances

10% property tax

Thus, the average amount of real estate tax in 2023 amounted to approximately 1,473 euros, indicates the DGFIP in

On the other hand, the average amount of property tax is set at 952 euros by 2023.

If you choose to make monthly payments, the average rate will be 10% of the property tax. Not to mention a possible housing tax for second homes.

Each levy is evaluated in light of the taxpayers’ individual situation.

All interested parties will find in their banking application, or on their bank’s website, a debit titled “DELEVEMENT general direction of Public Finance”.

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