Money-Family. Do you know how to train yourself to invest in the stock market?

In the early 2000s, the CAC 40 reached records, as did the number of individual shareholders in France. The latter has since melted, falling by half in twenty years.

But in recent years, with the establishment of flat tax, the IPO of Française des Jeux and, especially, the confinement linked to the health crisis, the stock market is attractive again. And the CAC 40 is close to new records, at the threshold of 8,000 points.

Why train?

Although investing money in the stock market is not reserved for professionals, it is not recommended to venture into it without assimilating the particular terminology, the mechanisms that move financial markets and their organization.

It is also important, before starting, to know your relationship with risk, to be sure that you can invest in the medium and long term and to dedicate time to it.

Learning about stock market investments can then be fascinating, if only to decipher the financial problems that are shaking the planet. This can even become a means to influence the real economy, in addition to growing your savings.

press and books

To familiarize yourself with stock market terms, stock names and trend curves, you can begin your learning by reading the specialized press (newspapers and magazines); which also allows stock market news to be linked to geopolitical events or economic upheavals.

Then come the books. A first entry point? Stock Market for Dummies, by Gérard Horny, which is easily found second-hand. In the same order of ideas, The best investments for dummiesby Marc Fiorentino, is also well documented.

You can also make your own, which is considered the “bible” of the genre: The smart investor by Benjamin Graham. That of Peter Lynch, What if you knew enough to invest in the stock market?, is also well known by specialists. Finally, History of the Paris Stock Exchange, by Paul-Jacques Lehmann in Que sais-je? EITHER History of the Stock Market by Paul Lagneau-Ymonet published by La Découverte provide other keys to understanding it.

Training and Mooc

This documentation can allow you to approach real training courses with greater peace of mind. The best known and most renowned is the one taught by L’École de la Bourse. The “Introduction to the Stock Market” takes place in Paris for two days in person and one day online at the price of 820 euros VAT included.

At the Numérique University of France (FUN), the National Consumer Institute (INC) has also created a free Mooc: “How to effectively manage your savings and investments? » Another, paid one, exists on Udemy: “Investing in the stock market, where to start? »

In My Mooc you will find the one directed by the economist Nicolas Bouzou: “Investing in stocks”. Unless you prefer the training offered by Grégory Guilmin, “4 weeks to start trading on the stock market”, at the price of 425 euros. Finally, some financial institutions, such as brokerage company Bourse Direct, offer free webinars.

Individual investors have their own organization – the Federation of Individual Investors and Investment Clubs (F2iC). “Link and information tool for individuals”, its site is particularly rich in educational materials.

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