Mandatory technical inspection of motorcycles: no safer if motorcyclists do not comply?

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This is the measure that makes motorcyclists tremble. HAS from April 15, 2024All owners of two-wheeled vehicles (as well as those of cars without a permit elsewhere) will have to undergo a mandatory technical inspection of their vehicle.

While motorcyclists ask to boycott the measure and some control centers have already stated that they do not would refuse to carry out this checkFear of sanctions remains a concern.

In addition to the fine they face if a technical inspection is not carried out, there is also the question of insurance. Will insurers require two-wheeler owners to provide proof of inspection to insure them?

What is the mandatory technical inspection of two-wheeled vehicles?

Therefore, from April 15, 2024, the technical inspection of two-wheeled vehicles becomes mandatory: it will concern motorized two-wheeled vehicles of 50 cm³ or more, three-wheeled vehicles, cars without permit, scooters and quads.

This technical inspection will be carried out “gradually, depending on the age of your vehicle and the anniversary date of its first entry into circulation”, reminds the Mutuelle des Motards in its frequently asked questions, on its website.

The validity period of the technical inspection will be 3 years, with the exception of collection motorcycles whose validity period will be 5 years.

Although the price list has not yet been set, prices could range around 50 euros.

The technical inspection will focus on checking three points: safety, atmospheric pollution and noise pollution. The list of control centers authorized to inspect the vehicle is not yet available.

No technical inspection, no insurance?

To this question, some insurance companies have already positioned themselves and have given answers to the motorcycle community.

Thus, as of January 2024, La Mutuelle des Motards has stated that it will continue Insure motorcyclists, even if they have not undergone a technical inspection. of his motorcycle, report the media specialized in the world of two wheels. “With or without technical inspection, the mutual benefit is there. At the Mutuelle des Motards, of course, we will continue to support you, whether to sign a contract or in the event of an accident (…)

The technical inspection is not a condition for the application of our guarantees, in accordance with our general and specific conditions. With or without technical inspection, the Mutuelle des Motards will compensate you well.

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The same thing happens more recently with the insurance company AMV, which specifies on its site that whether the technical inspection will be “mandatory for driving” on April 15, “it is not You are not required to file a disaster compensation claim. No proof requested “.

At the April Moto company we prefer to clarify and remind you that if the technical inspection is not an obligation to be insured, it can still be useful.

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When taking out motorcycle insurance, you can opt for additional guarantees such as glass breakage, fire, theft, any accident damage, etc. These are then the general and specific conditions of each insurer who can define their own exclusions. In this context, carrying out technical inspections becomes imperative. If it has not been carried out and you are responsible for an accident, your insurance guarantees may not apply to you (excluding civil liability).

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Abril Moto specifies that “in terms of motorcycle insurance, you must take out a civil liability guarantee,” and in fact, “even in the event of a technical inspection defect, the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident will be compensated.”

In conclusion, before deciding to boycott the technical inspection, better check with your insurance to find out what position he takes on this issue. And if it is mentioned in the general and particular conditions of your insurance contract.

But a fine of 135 euros is possible.

However, in the event of a police inspection, if the motorcycle has not passed the technical inspection when it should, its owner runs the risk of a fine of 135 eurosremembers the Mutuelle des Motards.

According to the Highway Code (article R. 323-1), failure to carry out a technical inspection can be punished with a fine provided for fourth class infringements. The amount of the fixed fine is €135.

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Please note that in case of sale of the vehicle, the presentation of “a technical inspection of less than 6 months is mandatory”starting April 15, and depending on your eligibility date for technical inspection.

“In the event of the sale of your vehicle, the lack of technical inspection implies the responsibility of the seller, especially within the framework of the guarantee against hidden defects,” specifies the Mutuelle des Motards.

Two days of mobilization in April

Until then, it’s not about relieving the pressure. Therefore, the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) calls for two days of mobilization, April 13 and 14, 2024.

And to put pressure on the inspection centers, the FFMC has indicated on an interactive map the centers that will carry out these technical inspections and those that will not.

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