6 alternatives to the famous expression “hurry up” to take the urgent test with your children in the morning

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    In most homes with children, the famous phrase “hurry up” is common in the mornings. Did you know that there are techniques to avoid stressing your children (and you)? Here’s advice from a positive parenting expert.

    Hurry up ! This expression is very stressful for children. So much so that they may even slow down and be stunned instead of speeding up when they hear it daily. Additionally, this recurring stress will become a negative anchor for their life and they may not be morning people when they grow up because they will remember those stressful mornings.“, begins the positive parenting expert, known as @papapositive on TikTok.

    In fact, from getting up to leaving school, this period, feared by parents, can quickly become hell for the entire family. So, to avoid starting the day screaming, crying and stressed, we recommend that you try these alternative methods.

    1/ Use tools like the stopwatch

    To hold the child responsible, we can put tools in their hands such as a stopwatch or hourglass that allow them to more easily visualize the time they have left before leaving for school or simply frame an action such as brushing their teeth.

    Attention: we recommend the “Kidytimer” from the Belgian brand Kidywolf. In addition to being very practical, it looks really pretty and matches your decoration. Very easy to use, kids (and parents) will love it!

    2/ Try the music

    If you don’t have a stopwatch or other timing tool; Feel free to use your phone to play music and ask your child to complete the current task before the song ends. The idea here is to combine fun and efficiency!

    3/ Use the expression “as soon as”

    According to the expert, to avoid falling into blackmail we can use the expression “as soon as”. For example, “as soon as you finish brushing your teeth, you can play with your toys.” As an added benefit, this allows the child to visualize the steps of organizing it.

    4/ Improve the child’s skills

    To build your child’s self-confidence, promoting their skills and actions is an excellent method. “I noticed you got dressed this morning, I admire your organization.“, a little phrase to sprinkle periodically to congratulate your child on their successes.

    5/ Use fun images

    The positive parenting expert advises parents to use fun, visual aids to show the different stages of the morning routine (this also works for the evening routine). These supports allow the child to gain autonomy, you will see that they love it!

    6/ Trust the children’s imagination

    “What fast animal do you want to play with this morning?” or “Which superhero/heroine do you want to be?”, or “Hello Captain, we have to go to school XX, what are your instructions to arrive on time?”… So many questions/games that will allow the child to develop their imagination being useful to parents. This allows your child to understand the fact of having to be well organized so as not to be late in a fun way.

    To avoid running during the week, it is better to try these techniques on the weekend to train the child and be able to explain how certain tools work (images/stopwatch/hourglass). This will also help you identify which methods work best with your little one.

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