Apple – Google: the agreement that changes everything in technology?

Apple will partner with Google to offer premium artificial intelligence. This news, given by journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, could have, if true, a significant impact on the Wall Street stock market. This would have started a race against time to install Gemini on the iPhone. As a reminder, Gemini is the intelligent language model launched in late 2023 by… Google.

Many thought that Apple’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), called Ajax, would catch up in the frenetic race for increasingly automated services. Unfortunately, its scope is still too limited: it’s device-centric (with smart photo editing and real-time translation) rather than cloud-centric.

This partnership with Google would, therefore, be the exit door and, ultimately, an opening for the Apple brand. The upcoming iOS 18 update, scheduled for June during WWDC (Apple’s annual developer conference held each year in June), is making shareholders eager to see new smart features finally appear on their devices.

Apple-Google, a historic partnership?

The collaboration between Google and Apple is not new. In 2007, the iPhone was released with Maps, YouTube, and search built-in. Since then, Alphabet (the parent company) has been paying billions every year (about $18 billion) to make Google the default Safari search engine on every new iPhone, iPad, or (i)Mac.

This deal is historic because it would potentially allow Apple to surpass Microsoft and Open AI in AI supremacy, thanks to the hundreds of millions of smartphones they sell each year. Apple will also be the largest smartphone seller in 2023, according to an IDC report.

For its part, Samsung has already taken the step by equipping its latest devices (the Galaxy S24, launched last January) with Gemini AI. In addition, it is to date the smartphone that offers the most advanced generative functions.

However, Bloomberg announced that this deal was unlikely to happen before the annual developers conference in June, especially since it could raise some competition concerns. Without forgetting that the two American giants are on local and European regulatory radars.

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