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For the launch of its new electric R5, Renault partnered with the agency TheArsenale to design five original machines inspired by the new visual identity of its new “pop icon”.

A snowmobile, a jet ski, a BMX, a foil and a tender. We are far, on paper, from being an electric city car. And yet. For the launch of its new electric R5, Renault has presented a collection of five machines, in line with what the diamond brand wants to impose: make its new R5 a new “pop icon”. He had already done it with his polished trailer, in which the yellow electric city car drove through the streets of Paris to the rhythm of “Instant Crush” by Daft Punk (with Julian Casablancas). This time, the French car brand has partnered with creative agency TheArsenale, founded by Patrice Meignan – whose Forbes He painted the picture last year.

With this collaboration, Renault wanted to create “ five interesting and innovative mobility objects, which embody the exclusivity, French know-how and avant-garde design of the Renault 5, icon of French Tech Mobilty ». “It’s a custom that makes sense, Meignan agrees. It’s not just five objects that we paint yellow. » In fact, each of these vehicles uses the yellow color closely associated with the marketing of the new R5 and also incorporates design elements from the new car. All of them also display a small tricolor flag to remember Renault’s ambition: to create means of transportation. “made of France”. In this case, TheArsenale has joined forces with five French creators who “embodies the spirit of the R5.” “It was quite easy to select them”estimates Meignan, who works with 150 startups, around thirty of them in France.

The vanguard of mobility

We thus find five tricolor brands: Moonbike, electric snowmobiles, founded by Nicolas Muron; Searacer, by Flavien Neyertz for the jet ski; Olivier Le Quellec’s e-flight for BMX; Pen by Etienne Mombereau for the foil; and Reverso by Antoine Simondes for the sailboat -, CEOs-creators whose work fits perfectly with the automaker’s vision, all embodying a way of French know-how and avant-garde.

These conceptual vehicles, presented at the Geneva Motor Show at the same time as the R5, will be marketed at prices ranging between 5,000 and 30,000 euros.

It is not the first time that Renault collaborates with TheArsenale, this platform that highlights the creations of independent mobility entrepreneurs (and finds buyers for them): we find a Delorean style on the site. Return to the future at 300,000 euros, or electric surfboards at 20,000. In 2022, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the 4L, the second best-selling French car in the world with more than 8.5 million examples in 50 years, Arnaud Belloni, Renault’s marketing director, commissions Patrice Meignan. The businessman from Nice offers to make the car fly in the style of an airplane. Last year, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Twingo, the idea was to present a version 3.0, amid the euphoria about AI. A specially dedicated Twingo room was created on the Discord social network that brought together 6,000 people, who created their own visions of the small car with round eyes, through the MidJourney software. “With Renault we have woven a true creative love story.” says Meignan enthusiastically. With this idea: that all these vehicles are not fantastic gadgets, but that one day they will be consolidated as the reality of mobility.

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