Camille Lellouche in love: talks about the secret couple she forms with the mysterious man who shares her life

Before being a fulfilled mother and a happy woman in love, Camille Lellouche experienced disappointments and trials. She talks about her journey in her autobiography titled tell you everything. As part of the publication of this work, grant an interview to Current woman, published this March 14. The singer and comedian talks about the man with whom she shares her life and with whom she started a family. For now, her identity remains secret. The 37-year-old: “ I keep it. My partner is not someone who loves the light, he does not need to exist like I need to exist, and he does not need the love of all these people like I need it. And I respect that, you can’t impose that on anyone. »

Camille Lellouche opens up about the couple she forms with this mysterious man. On a day-to-day basis, her daughter’s father plays a vital role: “ It gives me a lot. She is someone who tells me the truth, a little raw sometimes! In this case I tell you: “Are you talking to the woman or the artist? Because the artist is a little sensitive!“But the fact that it was cash helped me a lot. I’m really very, very sensitive, but I find that I manage my emotions better.” “. Communication, love… Camille Lellouche lives in a healthy relationship after being a victim of domestic violence in the past.

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One upset

Camille Lellouche admits that sometimes “ cry too much “. A sensitivity that “ played tricks “. He explains that a lot has changed since the birth of his daughter Alma, who is one and a half years old: “ I’m also more grounded since becoming a mother, because I’m less focused on myself. Artists are very egocentric, it’s true, but when you have a child it’s different. I suffer less in my passions, in my work, it is less visceral. » As a mother, Camille Lellouche thinks above all about the well-being of her son and the person he will be: “ She needs to feel good about herself. If you feel good about yourself, with weight, or thin, toned, bulky, not bulky… If you are happy and you feel good, that is the most important thing. If she is not happy, we will do everything we can to make her happy. We’ll make sure we fix everything. »

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