Kate Middleton and her state of health: “She showed no signs of fragility, she wanted to be seen”

After a long media absence after her abdominal operation last January, Kate Middleton made her comeback. The Princess of Wales was filmed with Prince William during a public outing. The couple was seen shopping at a local farm located in Windsor. Subjected to rumors and controversies for several days, the young woman appears smiling and in very good shape. Kate Middleton walks with a confident step. She and her husband appear to be accomplices. Enough to reassure her about the state of her health, allay concerns and put aside the craziest stories she was the subject of.

HE daily mail He interviewed a body language expert to analyze his appearance in detail. She says about her approach and her context: “ Kate walks in front of William, taking steps large enough to leave no room for signs of fragility. While William keeps her face partially hidden under his cap, Kate’s body language suggests a desire to be seen. “And added:” Her head is held high and her long hair is spinning as she smiles from ear to ear and exudes optimism and joy. »

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A gradual return

Kate Middleton’s sudden reappearance is as reassuring as it is surprising. The expert states: “ It’s surprising to see the most wanted woman in the world, a combination of speculation and rumor, suddenly appear like this, not only healthy, energetic and incredibly happy, but also making no apparent attempt to hide from the public. »

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