March 19 strike: almost 9% of teachers on strike, the mobilization is particularly strong in universities

The educational community mobilizes once again, on Tuesday, March 19, during a strike call by eight civil servant unions, to demand a salary increase. According to the Ministry of National Education and Youth, 8.80% of teachers, at all levels combined, are on strike. At the first level there were 6.77% of teachers on strike, and at the second level there were 10.65%.

The mobilization is followed in universities (14.86%), where professors question the reform of the “knowledge shock” desired by the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, while the texts on the creation of “level groups” – transformed in the so-called “needs groups” at school – were ratified on Sunday, March 17 at official newspaper.

The official texts, detailed in a note published on Monday, ultimately give teaching teams flexibility to organize French and mathematics lessons in 6my and in 5my.

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This Tuesday’s strike has less follow-up than that of the 1stAhem February, during which, according to ministry figures, one in five teachers was mobilized. This day of mobilization took place in a particular context in which Amélie Oudéa-Castéra’s mandate at the head of the ministry was marked by several weeks of controversy, fueling the anger of a profession that has already felt mistreated for several years. Nicole Belloubet finally replaced Mme Oudéa-Castéra to the Ministry of Education a week later.

In Seine-Saint-Denis, however, the mobilization could be important: 40% of the strikers are in schools and 53% in secondary education, according to figures from the inter-union (FSU, CGT-Educ’action, SUD-Education, and the CNT-Federation of Education Workers). For several weeks, teachers from across the department have been demonstrating to demand an emergency plan from the government.

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