Ranking of institutes 2024: public or private institute, success rate, honors registration… discover our ranking

Our 2024 high school rankings:

2259. This is the number of secondary schools in France: small establishments, large establishments, with few specialties, with the maximum, which have a 100% pass rate in the baccalaureate, others that do not reach that score, but are equally good the establishments that retain all students from the second to the last year, others that separate themselves from the most difficult elements.

With all these criteria, we have classified these establishments in the ranking of institutes below. And since the success rate and the mention rate are not enough to say whether a secondary school prepares well or less well for higher education, we have integrated other criteria into our ranking and weighted them to give them more or less importance.

Thus, like last year, we use the number of specialties available in high school, the diversity of the social profile of the students, the added value or even the skimming rate from the second to the last year. Because it is not enough to have an excellent mention and success rate if we only keep the best students from start to finish. Each criterion does not have the same weight; The methodology below details each of them. Each high school then gets a score out of 20. For our national ranking we only kept those that had more than 100 students at the beginning of the school year.

Thus, the average score obtained is 12.32 out of 20; 423 high schools have a score above 14, or just over 18% (up from 20% last year). More than half (55%) of the high schools in the top 20 are public, and 16 of 20 high schools have a 100% high school success rate.

For the second year in a row, the Thiers high school in Marseille took first place in our ranking, followed this year by the Charlemagne high school and the Charles de Foucauld private high school, both in Paris. If half of the institutes in the top 10 are located in Paris and the Paris region, the rest of the country is not left out, in particular the international institute of Valbonne (Alpes-Maritimes), the Saint-Louis-Sainte-Marie institute of Gignac (Bouches-du-Rhône) and the Immaculée Conceptions institute of Pau (Pyrénées-Orientales).

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The secondary school rankings make it possible to reveal all the performance indicators of the establishments: you can consult on our site the details of the results by year and by series offered. All data comes directly from the Ministry of National Education and its department dedicated to evaluation and performance that publishes each year the IVAL: indicator of added value of secondary schools.

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