Taxes 2024: you will have to re-declare your property (but not all of them)

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This new fiscal approach had already caused panic last year. There real estate declarationMandatory from 2023, it requires owners to indicate whether their property is occupied or not.

Last year, the declaration deadline was postponed several times, due to the disorientation of taxpayers. And public finance officials found themselves with a considerable additional workload.

But this year there should be fewer problems.

Not all homeowners are affected

For this second real estate declaration campaign, it will only be necessary to declare if there has been a change from the previous year. So logically, if there are no changes, you won’t have to do anything.

In any case, this was stated by the Ministry of Economy, in a response to the Renaissance deputy Mounir Belhamiti published on February 27, 2024.

The declaration should only be made in case of a change in the occupation situation and no longer systematically as during the first campaign to implement the reform.

Ministry of Economy

Indicate the occupants of the accommodation

The real estate declaration, which follows the global abolition of housing tax for all main residences, allows you to declare to the tax administration who the occupants of your property are.

Whether it is a primary, secondary or rental residence. Please note that if you have rented your property, you must provide the identity of the tenants as well as the period of occupancy of the accommodation. Thus, if the tenants have changed since your last declaration, you must notify the tax authorities.

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If this declaration affects you, you must make it before July 1.

How to declare it?

For the 2024 campaign, the Ministry of Economy also announces that “a paper form will be made available to owners who do not have access to the Internet so that they can declare changes in occupants.”

But it is still possible to perform the online process. To do this, you must connect to your space on the website and then click on the “Manage my property” tab.

The ministry assures: “the tax administration demonstrates kindness and understanding, particularly for the application of sanctions. Thus, no fine will be applied for not declaring occupation for 2023.

But, in theory, in case of non-declaration, error, omission or incomplete declaration, a fine of a fixed amount of 150 euros per property can be applied.

It remains to be seen whether sanctions will be applied in 2024 in case of non-declaration. The tax administration, contacted by actu.frspecifies that it will return to this “real estate declaration in mid-April, during the launch of the income tax declaration campaign.”

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