Technical inspection of motorcycles: why will cars without a license also pass?

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Until then, they had managed to go unnoticed. HE cars without license They will also have to comply with the new regulations implemented by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which requires that new vehicles – including two-wheeled mopeds and more – undergo technical inspection.

Decree No. 2023-974 of October 23, 2023 frames this new measure that teeth grinding road users and particularly cyclists. The latter have also launched the hashtag #BalanceTonCentre to denounce the technical inspection centers that will apply this new regulation.

For their part, cars without a license, even if they have four wheels and a steering wheel like cars a priori “classics”, were until now exempt of this obligation. Then, turn around. But why ?

Carts, these light motorized quadricycles

The answer is found first in the legal definition of the car. “This is not considered a normal car, contrary to what one might believe,” he says. Jeremy Guyomar, JG automotive expert in the Maritime Alps.

Unlicensed cars (VSP) are considered light motorized quadricycles, reminds the Highway Prevention Association. For its part, article R.311-1 of the Highway Code defines it:

(The VSP) is a category L6e vehicle with a four-wheel engine whose empty weight does not exceed 425 kg and the maximum speed does not exceed 45 km/h.

Article R.311-1 of the Highway Code

This quadricycle, not defined as a car, is also “equipped with an engine of displacement not exceeding 50 cm³ (…) and a maximum net power not exceeding 4 kilowatts »Article R.311-1 continues.

This applies to the most common models, i.e. the 2 seater VSP. According to the automobile manufacturer Ligier, which specializes in strollers, 250,000 small cars are put into circulation in France. But there is also 4 seater VSP whose speed does not exceed 85 km/h and the power does not exceed 15 kw, called heavy motorized quadricycles.

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the quads

“Quads belong to the category of quadricycles. Their power can vary and, therefore, they can also be light or heavy,” reports the Road Safety Association.

Not subject to technical inspection

In short, VSPs were considered two-wheeled vehicles and therefore is not subject to technical inspection, on the contrary passenger cars, the only ones that refer to utility vehicles, camper vans, etc.

As MMA Insurance indicates on its website, they were simply subject to an annual reviewor a review every 5,000 km (to maintain your car’s manufacturer’s warranty).

“It’s a good thing”

The news does not please many drivers. But on the part of automobile experts, the technical control imposed on these small cars is viewed favorably.

“It’s a good thing,” says another automobile expert based in Aisne, contacted by “These cars are limited to 50 km/hThey are small city cars that allow you to get from point A to point B,” he adds.

But they are often unrestrained and can reach speeds of 60 or 70 km/h. In the event of an accident, it can hurt a lot.

A car expert located in Aisne

“Much less resistant than a scooter”

Because the solidity VSP and the security that they offer on the road, remain scarce compared to other vehicles.

After evaluating various aspects, for example in terms of vehicle construction, a VSP is much less solid than a scooter. In case of impact, it can hurt a lot.

Jeremy GuyomarAutomotive expert

“The material used, such as the tubular frame (that is, the skeleton of the car, editor’s note.)… everything is plastic“adds the expert located in Aisne. “All it takes is a little shock and cracks are created.” On average, the longevity of VSPs does not exceed 10 years.

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