Adriana Karembeu pregnant at 45: “I couldn’t eat anything, my doctor told me:

Adriana Karembeu is the happy mother of a little girl named Nina. The little girl was born in Monaco in August 2018. It was at the age of 46 when the model gave birth to her son. An event she describes as “ miracle ” after TV Buzz from TV magazine. And to clarify on this topic: “ That’s why I really recommend women do it first. It’s nature and at some point nature will say no. »

A few weeks earlier, Adriana Karembeu reviewed her nine months of pregnancy in a video interview given to the program In Private With… of pure people. He explained that the period had not been easy since it had had several inconveniences: “ I couldn’t eat anything at all. He was crazy. » The situation was becoming delicate for her and her unborn baby. Enough to alert the doctor who treated her: “ I remember my doctor telling me: “One more kilo lost and you are in the hospital.” » What is the origin of this dislike for food? The slightest smell that became unbearable, to the point of barely being able to.” eat only half yogurt » as the deadline approaches.

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A return to normal

To overcome this problem, Adriana Karembeu found a simple strategy that worked: “ I really only ate good things for my daughter because I wanted everything to be good, so I ate every two or three hours to get her down. But it was like that throughout the pregnancy. »

All of these symptoms disappeared after giving birth to her daughter: “ At 7 pm I was able to eat the entire plate like before. Everything disappeared within hours of giving birth. My body, my digestion after my pregnancy, was magnificent. As if everything changed. »

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