Cned Scholarships: what are the procedures to apply?

In a letter dated November 28, 2023 addressed to the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Senator Jean-Pierre Bansard recalls that “theFrench children from families that do not have sufficient resources to guarantee full or partial coverage of tuition fees in educational establishments dependent on the French agency for education abroad (AEFE), or enrollment in a complete class regulated by the Cned, can apply for a school scholarship each year. “. However, the parliamentarian points out that “the families, some interlocutors from the Cned and the diplomatic posts are in reality little informed about this possibility and its modalities. »For this reason, he requests details about the steps to follow to access these scholarships.

“Isolated French students, that is, who cannot train in the network of French establishments abroad, in particular for reasons of geographical distance, may benefit from the exemption of a scholarship from the Agency for French Education Abroad ( AEFE). This scholarship is awarded on the proposal of the consular council meeting in the format “French education abroad – school scholarships”, responded the Quai d’Orsay on February 22, 2024. It is clearly specified that theThe only reasons for exemption that remain are, in addition to specific health reasons, “absence, distance, insufficient reception capacity or the impossibility of attending an authorized French educational center.” »

Final validation by the AEFE

The ministry adds that this type of scholarship requires the favorable opinion of the consular council and the cultural cooperation and action advisor of the competent diplomatic office. It is also explained that “theApplications are reviewed against award criteria, a calendar (the dates of which are published on the websites of consular offices) and supporting documents identical to those established for the award of any other study scholarship at an authorized establishment. The instructions to follow are also available on the AEFE website. The only peculiarity lies in the registration deadline for the Cned, set for November 30, following the northern rhythm calendar. »

Ultimately, it is the AEFE that validates the application files and is in charge of all the training before the Cned. “To benefit from this type of scholarship, the theoretical part of the scholarship corresponding to the family must be greater than zero based on the cost of direct education in a French educational establishment in the country of residence. » The Quai d’Orsay finally specifies that, to the extent that The Cned scholarship application can only be justified by distance, and it is not possible to make a simultaneous scholarship application for an AEFE establishment.

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