Daily life. Upcycling: three ideas to recycle objects that we all have at home

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. » This famous phrase attributed to the chemist Antoine Lavoisier sums up the art of recycling quite well: making something new from something old. Upcycling allows you to give a second life to an object that you already have at home, that you find or find. With imagination you can find another use for it, transform it or renew it. An ecological and economical technique.

Laure Coulombel has always had a very creative spirit and a desire to recycle objects instead of throwing them away. In 2012, she began sharing her advice on a blog, which she has now compiled into a book. Creative recycling

. It gives us three ideas to transform an everyday object that we all have in our closet. Easy tips to do, even for the least practical and manual! And his first piece of advice is… dare to take the step! “There are likely to be failures, but you learn by doing,” he says.

The multifunction scarf

“We all have an unused scarf in our closet or one that we inherited from our grandmothers that we can’t get rid of, but that has gotten old or that we don’t want to wear around our necks. You can simply transform it into a belt by sliding it on a recycled belt buckle or even tying it around your waist,” suggests Laure Coulombel.

You can also make it into a bracelet by threading it through a ring found at an antique jewelry store or craft store, making it into a phone strap, rolling it up, and threading it through a ring case or other glasses loop. “You can even twist it into a basket handle or wrap it around a bag to personalize it,” he recommends. All of these tips also work with an old hair scarf.

Fix your white shirt

Another great timeless wardrobe staple: the white shirt. There are endless solutions to give it a little face lift. Changing the way you tie your shirt is the simplest and most effective way to give it a different look.

First idea: Start by unbuttoning one or two buttons at the bottom of your shirt and then tying the two sides together to give it a bohemian look. You can also give it a wrap-around effect, always unbuttoning the last two buttons, turning it on itself and tucking it under the bra, on the opposite side. Finally, if your shirt is a little baggy, you will give it another look simply with a belt.

If you have mastered some basic sewing skills, there are many options available to you. “We can add a small ruffle at the bottom of the shirt, make a pearl collar by recycling pearls from a jewel, cut the sleeves to make a shirt, add a piece of lace to the fabric…”, lists Laure Coulombel.

Transform your bags and baskets

Surely you have a burlap bag at home, a tote bag or promotional bags given away in stores that are accumulating. With a few tips, you can easily customize it to make it a must-have bag. Take a granny or crochet blanket (which can be easily found around you, shopping for sales or on Vinted), cut a piece the size of the bag (being careful not to cut into the grannies), and then glue it to your bag.

Another tip to do with a herbarium basket or basket in which we store keys, cosmetic products or plants. “You can easily divert its use by adding two gold carabiners and something to make a handle: chain, scarf, rope… Additional tip, carabiners, simply found, can be used on other objects such as another bag or a phone case. ” advises Laure Coulombel.

As you rummage through your closets, you’ll quickly realize how many unused items still have potential. Let your creativity and imagination speak! creative recycling, by Laure Coulombel, published by

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