How many times a year should you wash your comforter?

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    This is a question you have asked yourself many times. How often should you (really) wash your duvet? If the experts multiply the answers on this topic, the magazine will decide 60 million consumers.

    Wash your duvet: why?

    Many French people think that it is not necessary to wash the duvet. Fatal mistake. Just like sheets or pillowcases, the duvet also deserves to be washed. Regular washing allows you to:

    • To extend its useful life;
    • To eliminate dust, bacteria, mites and skin particles, which love to lodge in the duvet;
    • To prevent the appearance of yellow spots, which are due to the accumulation of body fluids, such as perspiration;
    • To eliminate possible bad odors;
    • To restore shine to your duvet. After a good wash it will be like new!

    Clean your duvet: how often?

    According to 60 million consumers magazine, you should not wash your duvet too regularly, at most once a year.

    The most useful wash will probably be the first one, right after purchase, before installing the duvet in its cover. This initial wash will remove some chemical residue from your comforter (…)”, the magazine continues.

    Another tip to follow: check the label of said comforter.

    Many comforters are machine washable, but some require dry cleaning. This is especially recommended for duvets with silk fiber fill.“, details the newspaper. Finally, “If it is possible to wash in the washing machine, make sure beforehand that the volume of yours is sufficient. Because during washing the duvets become saturated with water and gain a lot of weight.“.

    In fact, a washing machine with a capacity of 7 or 8 kg “You can only wash a 140 x 200 duvet“. Beyond, “you will need a 12kg washing machine for a 220 x 240 duvet“.

    Also remember to dose the liquid detergent correctly (be careful never to add fabric softener) and then run a program suitable for your duvet.

    Now all you have to do is plan a good spring cleaning!

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