Kate Middleton hospitalized: was information about her health leaked? Her medical file would have been consulted without authorization

After her abdominal surgery last January, Kate Middleton announced that she will keep her medical information private and will not communicate about her convalescence. only in case of important news to share “. At the end of February, while the Princess of Wales was the subject of numerous rumors, her spokesperson reaffirmed this position: “ It was mentioned that we would only provide important updates. This orientation is maintained. »

However, the mystery surrounding his health raises many questions. Enough to push people to seek answers and enlightenment. HE Mirrorreports that information about his health status may have been leaked. In question ? The curiosity of an employee of the London Clinic, the establishment where his operation was performed. The tabloid explains: “ At least one member of staff would have been caught trying to access the balance sheets ” Of the princess. This member of the hospital’s nursing staff was not authorized to do so. Thus, the security and confidentiality of Kate Middleton’s medical information is called into question.

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Security undermined

An internal investigation was subsequently launched to determine the extent of the leak. A source explains: “ This is a significant and damaging security breach for the hospital, given its impeccable reputation for treating members of the royal family. Senior hospital officials contacted Kensington Palace immediately after being informed of the incident and assured the palace that a full investigation would be carried out. All medical staff were completely shocked and distressed by these allegations and were deeply hurt that a trusted colleague could have been responsible for such a breach of trust and ethics. »

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