Money-Family. Total exemption from inheritance tax: in which cases?

Any inheritance involves a process that leads to the preparation of a declaration to the Public Treasury and then the payment of inheritance tax. However, there are certain cases for which no fee will be requested.

These total exemptions depend on the condition of the heir or the situation of the deceased or the type of assets transmitted.

About the heirs

The surviving spouse (or PACS partner) is exempt from inheritance tax, regardless of their share in the inheritance. He may even, like the children of the deceased, be exempt from declaration if the gross hereditary assets are less than 50,000 euros.

And if this gross asset is less than 3,000 euros, the beneficiaries, whoever they are, are exempt from declaration and therefore exempt from rights.

However, we know less about whether brothers and sisters can also claim full exemption. However, three conditions must be met: being single (or divorced or widowed), being over 50 years old or having a disability, and having lived with the deceased for five consecutive years.

Regarding the deceased

The status of deceased may also give rise to a total exemption from duties for his or her heirs. They are concerned: soldiers who died under the flag or during security operations; victims (civilians) of war or acts of terrorism; firefighters (professional or volunteer) who died in the course of their mission, as well as police, gendarmes and customs agents.

Regarding goods

The acquisition of a historical monument as part of an inheritance may be exempt from duties as long as the heir enters into a specific agreement with the ministers in charge of Culture and Finance.

Reversions of annuities in favor of direct lineal successors are also exempt. Finally, donations and legacies made to the State or to certain public organizations (local administrations, public establishments, etc.), as well as those made to associations or foundations recognized as being of public utility, are exempt.

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