Running: here are the perfect conditions to go running according to this adidas study

Running is undoubtedly the most accessible sport. The idea is to simply put on your sneakers, close the door and that’s it. In practice, these two steps may seem insurmountable. To find out the reasons that may lead runners to cancel their outing, adidas questioned 2,674 of them about their habits and determined the ideal conditions for going out for a run.

Have comfortable equipment

If your running gear is more or less reduced to just shoes, these are very important. According to the study, 47% of runners consider uncomfortable shoes to be their main annoyance, and 23% even say they cancel their run if they feel uncomfortable in their shoes. And even among athletes who do not give up their sporting activity, discomfort pushes almost four in ten people (37%) to reduce the duration of their exercise. It should be noted that, above all, one in three runners affirms that his mood is affected.

What is the right temperature for running? 19.8 degrees

When it comes to the ideal temperature, it’s all a matter of sensations and, above all, habits. In fact, adidas interviewed athletes from all countries and was able to obtain the preferred temperature of the inhabitants of several cities. We note in particular that runners in colder cities like London or Paris will prefer cooler climates, around 18 degrees, while residents of Shanghai or Beijing prefer temperatures above 21 degrees. This study ultimately estimates that the ideal temperature for running is 19.8 degrees. However, it is necessary to clarify this information, since studies, particularly those carried out by the INSEP (National Institute of Sports, Experience and Performance), suggest that the best temperature for race performance for the majority of runners It is “around 5.9°C for men and 7.7°C for women.” Still, 45% of runners surveyed say that excess heat is an obstacle to their comfort, and 43% say the same about cold.

In the morning, with sun and a light breeze.

Aside from Seoul runners, who prefer to run at night, most athletes say they prefer to run on a sunny morning with a light breeze. For the light breeze, it’s all a matter of atmosphere, but as for the schedule, Nike was already revealing in 2022 the benefits of running in the morning, arguing, among other things, that this activity would push people to go out first. your daily self-care, but it would also optimize mental performance during the rest of the day.

The different elements of the recipe for “the most comfortable running” that adidas offers us are more or less easy to put into practice: if the breeze is not yet available on demand, we remember that the morning is the best option, and we invest immediately. once and for all in suitable running shoes thanks to the GQ selection.

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