Security in the world: close-up of surveillance zones from March 20 to 25



The new Guinean Prime Minister, Amadou Oury Bah (appointed at the end of February), has just indicated that the military junta led by Mamadi Doumbouya should remain in power at least until 2025, and not until the end of 2024, as promised. This new political turn of the screw is accompanied bya major economic crisis in Guinea, despite the important natural resources present in the country. The numerous electricity outages are at the origin of various demonstrations, such as the one on March 14, punctuated by clashes with the police. Two days earlier, two boys aged 8 and 14 were shot dead in the city of Kinda (135 kilometers northeast of the capital, Conakry), on the sidelines of another demonstration.


Three months after the departure of the last French soldiers present in Niger in the framework of the fight against jihadism, it is the American troops who should soon leave. On March 16, the Nigerien military regime – resulting from the July 2023 coup – indicated that it was suspending its military agreement with the United States. “with immediate effect”, judging him ” illegal “. If the exact date of this departure has not yet been communicated, Washington sees its security interests in the Sahel compromised. Until now, this pact initiated in 2012 with local authorities has allowed US military and civilian forces to occupy an important place in this region, particularly through its air base 201 (near Agadez), the second largest in Africa after the one in Djibouti. The security situation, already weakened by the departure of French forces, risks worsening in the region with the consequences of this announcement.


The presidential elections on Sunday, March 24, will be followed with the greatest attention after the uncertainties that previously surrounded the date of these elections. Released on March 15 but not authorized to compete, Ousmane Sonko, leader of the opposition and leader of the former Pastef (African Patriots of Senegal for Work, Ethics and Fraternity), a party dissolved last July, will not be able to run to the elections. Presidential term. It is his lieutenant, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, appointed in January, who will defend the colors of his political movement. In total, nineteen candidates will compete in these elections in which the outgoing president, Macky Sall, will not participate. In addition to Bassirou Diomaye Faye, the most prominent personalities who have ascended to the supreme position are Amadou Ba (appointed by the outgoing president), Idrissa Seck (also close to the presidential party) and Khalifa Sall (mayor of Dakar from 2009 to 2018 and branded as socialist). .


lThe country remains subject to the threat of Islamist terrorism, embodied mainly by the Al-Shebab militias, still involved in the attack against a hotel in the capital, Mogadishu, on March 14 and 15. Somali police reported three dead and twenty-eight injured, including eighteen civilians, after the terrorist group was dislodged following a thirteen-hour siege. It is the fifth time that this establishment, the Syl hotel, has been attacked since 2015. This new attack, in the heart of the institutional district, not far from several government buildings, testifies to the still very active presence of Al-Shebab. militias in the country.

North Africa/Middle East

Israel/Palestinian Territories

Several thousand Muslim worshipers were denied access to the Mosque esplanade in East Jerusalem on March 15 for the first major weekly prayer since the start of Ramadan. About 80,000 of them were able to access the site, compared to about 150,000 in previous years, due to the blockades imposed by the Israeli forces present there. The government led by Benjamin Netanyahu However, he had guaranteed, a few days before the start of Ramadan, that access to this esplanade would not be restricted.

Pacific Asia


The adoption of a “citizenship law” is controversial due to its discriminatory nature. This facilitates access to Indian naturalization for any person of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian faith if they can prove that they fled Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh before 2014. On the other hand, Muslims are excluded from this provision. . The effective implementation of this law, passed in 2019 but suspended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the deadly protests that followed, could reignite social unrest in the country.

Europe/Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

north Europe

Tensions remain high between Russia and northern Europe, in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and fueled by the recent accessions to NATO of Finland (as of April 4, 2023) and Sweden (March 7, 2023). 2024). Last week, the Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo considered that Moscow was preparing for a “Long conflict with the West.” Other countriesCandinavia, Denmark reported the increase in its defense spending and the inclusion of women in their military service. On March 13, in an interview with state media, the master of the Kremlin – re-elected on March 17 for a fifth term with 88% of the votes – recalled for his part that his country “I was ready” use atomic weapons if necessary, particularly if Europe sent troops to Russia.

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