Taxes 2024: scale, fuel, tips… What changes for your income tax return

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Start of the annual tax campaign for online declarations. Starting in mid-April 2024 (the official start date of the declaration has not yet been revealed), 40 million tax households will have almost two months to comply with the declaration of their 2023 income for the year 2024.

The campaign will end on May 23, May 30 or June 6, depending on your department of residence.

Like every year, there are new things. We detail the main changes.

Indexation of the income tax scale to inflation

In application of the finance law for 2024, the income tax scale is revalued by 4.8%based on anticipated changes in the consumer price index (i.e. inflation).

This increase also affects the default rate scales for withholdings at source.

Therefore, all sections are affected. here is the scale by 2024:

  • Up to 11,294 euros: 0%
  • From 11,295 euros to 28,797 euros: 11%
  • From 28,798 euros to 82,341 euros: 30%
  • From 82,342 euros to 177,106 euros: 41%
  • Above 177,106 euros: 45%

Discount for lower income households

The tax reduction granted to low-tax households is also revalued by 4.8%.

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Before tax reductions and credits, singles with a gross taxation of less than 1,929 euros and couples with a gross taxation of less than 3,191 euros are entitled to this.

The quantity is automatically deducted by the tax authorities.

Special reduction for people over 65 and disabled

People over 65 and disabled taxpayers also benefit from an income reduction, also this year indexed to inflation, that is, 4.8%.

If your global income for 2023 does not exceed 27,670 euros, you will be entitled to it and its amount will also be deducted by the tax authorities, without intervention on your part.

The reduction will be:

  • equal to 2,746 euros, up to 17,200 euros of income
  • of 1,373 euros, between 17,201 euros and 27,670 euros of income.

Ithe deduction is doubled if your spouse or common-law partner subject to joint taxation is also over 65 years of age or disabled.

Tax regime for the future climate savings plan

The income generated by the new future climate savings plan, reserved for those under 21 years of age, is exempt income tax and social security contributions.

These are blocked savings, to be able to finance long-term projects. It will not be possible to withdraw money from this savings plan before reaching the age of majority. Except accidents in life (death, illness, etc.).

The maximum limit of the Future Climate Savings Plan was inspired by that of Livret A, that is, 22,950 euros. On the other hand, its remuneration will be higher than that of Livret A (currently 3%), but the investment is riskier. This is a savings plan, not a savings account.

A new scale for fuel costs

If you declare your actual costs by choosing the fuel cost scale, it will change this year, as we previously announced:

  • An increase for vehicles with gasoline engines (+4.1 to +4.8%) and LPG (+15.1 to +16.4%) and for two-wheeled vehicles;
  • A drop for diesel vehicles (-3%).

If the table is not displayed, click here.

Real estate declaration

The declaration of real estate, mandatory from 2023, requires owners to indicate whether their property is occupied or not. But this year you will need only declare if there has been a change compared to the previous year. So logically, if there are no changes, you won’t have to do anything.

For the 2024 campaign, the Ministry of Economy also announces that a “paper form It will be made available to owners who do not have Internet access so that they can declare changes in occupants.

Tax deductions for alimony

Alimony is allowed, under certain conditions, as a deduction from the total gross income of the person paying alimony. The deduction limits have been updated for 2024.

For the 2024 income tax return received in 2023, the global amount of €3,968 per child for housing and food.

Other expenses, such as tuition or health expensesThey can be deducted for their actual amount and with supporting documents, the total deduction is limited to 6,674 euros per child.

The limit of 1,000 euros for donations to charitable associations is maintained

Payments made to associations that help people in difficulty entitle them to a 75% tax reductionwithin the limit of an amount increased to 1,000 euros from 2020. This limit remains until the end of 2026.

Tip Tax Exemption

Tips paid by customers for the service are exempt from contributions and social contributions, as well as income tax, from 2022. the exemption is extended to 2024.

Extension of the “old Denormandie” tax reduction

The “Denormandie dans l’Ancien” regime is extended until December 31, 2026. The latter gives the right to a reduction in income tax under theAcquisition of an old home that is or has been the subject of works. improvement or transformation that represents at least 25% of the total cost of the operation.

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