Animals. How can you help biodiversity this spring?

Here is a list of actions to take to encourage the development of biodiversity when sunny days return. To make your outdoor space a refuge for biodiversity, you can install small shelters there.

This can take the form of nest boxes or insect hotels, but also a simple pile of wood, leaves, stones or even shingles and upturned flower pots.

In gardens, parks or forests, wildlife love the dandelions, nettles and clovers that we work so hard to cut down.

Practice sensible cutting

Therefore, to attract it, it is advisable to practice “sustainable mowing” and thus keep some square meters of your garden in a wild state and plant “native” plants.

These are plants, flowers, shrubs or trees that have always or almost always grown naturally in a given region, such as hawthorn and blackcurrant.

To make it easier for the insects, birds and other small animals that will invade your garden this spring to hydrate, you can also install a water trough, a shallow water dish or even create a pond to accommodate frogs, toads and newts.

No more insecticides and herbicides

Adding stones to the surface will make it easier for them to access and also limit the risk of drowning. To guarantee the survival of fauna and flora, it is essential to ban chemical insecticides, pesticides and herbicides that alter the balance of the soil, in favor of natural and ecological alternatives.

To ensure a true night-time for biodiversity, it is also recommended to turn off outdoor lights at night and adjust the sound volume at all times.

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