From Taylor Swift to Travis Scott: these concerts that (literally) shook the planet

More than 70,000 people jumping to the rhythm of a Taylor Swift song, how does that sound? Well, a magnitude 2.3 earthquake! And “America’s Little Bride” isn’t the only one that has alarmed seismometers in recent years… A look back at the most seismic concerts of all time!

It’s not just him movementsmovements Tectonic plates that can produce earthquakes. HE earthquakeearthquake of anthropogenic origin are also very common. And between mining blasting, exploitation of geothermal energy or buildingsbuildings Oh my goodness, there they are… the concerts of the big stars.

Ground vibrations recorded by seismometers up to 9 km from the stadium

Yes, because several tens of thousands of fans jumping to the rhythm of a song, it can produce vibesvibes Detectable by regional seismological stations! The concert given by Taylor FastFast On August 5, 2023, a seismic signal occurred in California that was recorded up to nine kilometers from the stadium. This is what a (very serious) study published in the journal reveals Seismological research letters. The scientists were able to clearly identify the origin of the signal thanks to its frequencies, which correspond surprisingly well to the rhythm of each singer’s song. HE seismologistsseismologists We were able to learn about the concert program, remotely and thanks only to the vibrations produced by the approximately 70,000 fans present. Well, it was certainly a lot less “fun” than being there, but still! The signals are consistent with Rayleigh waves, which typically propagate at the surface during shallow earthquakes.

Taylor Swift concert produces “earthquake” of magnitude 2.3!

In the databasedatabase scientists, the site New Atlas He has also been able to establish a list of the most important amateur “earthquakes” of recent years. And it’s Taylor Swift who wins first place, not with her August 5 concert but with her July 22, 2023 concert in Seattle. The crowd of more than 72,000 people would have produced seismic activity equivalent to a magnitude earthquake. magnitudemagnitude 23!

Travis Scott won second place thanks to his concert given on August 7, 2023 in Rome and whose vibrations equivalent to a magnitude 1.3 earthquake also worried some residents. He is followed by Garth Brooks, who made 102,000 fans sing and move on April 30, 2022 in Louisiana, in Baton Rouge.

In 2016, it was Bruce Springsteen who made Barcelona’s seismometers vibrate thanks in particular to his song Shout. The group AC/DC also enters the list in 5my position. In this case, it was rather the 103 decibels recorded during the December 15, 2015 concert in Auckland that made the ground shake. Back in Auckland, but this time in 2011, it was rock group Foo Fighters who had 50,000 fans jumping to the beat.

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